Destiny 2 April Fools 2023 Emote Bundle Could be Opening Shot for Wacky Event

April Fools' is fast approaching in the Destiny 2 universe

Destiny 2 April Fools Event 2023 Featured Image

Bungie has had a long history of April Fools’ pranks. They have certainly mellowed out somewhat in recent years but the passion for practical jokes is alive within the company. And this could mean we might see a Destiny 2 April Fools 2023 event. One need only recall the numerous Telesto events to be reminded that Destiny 2 isn’t always all business and world-saving. The company is also fond of leaving Easter Eggs in all its expansions. The penguin plushies, the moth plushies, and more recently, the action figures on Neomuna.

Recently, Destiny players received a notification that the Eververse Store is selling some April Fools’ related items to the store this week.

The announcement has got some players asking if there’s something more to the April Fools’ announcement.

Destiny 2 April Fools 2023 Speculation

Our first guess has us speculating that it could be a change up to what Xur has been selling over the weekend. (Goodness knows the armor sets on sale since Lightfall launched were laughably weak.) Maybe Bungie plans on selling actually good pieces of armor for once! It wouldn’t be so bad. Might be something New Light players can actually wear.

Alternatively, we can see something happening to Iron Banner this coming April 4th. We don’t know why Bungie decided to have it so soon a week after the first one concluded. It’s not a stretch to say that Lord Saladin could have a funny line or two spoken in any given match. He does break composure every time a player goes on a 20 kill streak or more.

There’s also the mystery mission Bungie has been teasing for a while now. But that one is quite a stretch considering that Bungie has mini-events around the halfway point of the season. In this case, it’s going to be the middle of April.

Whatever Bungie has in store for this April Fools (if there is any), we’ll find either on Friday or Saturday.

Destiny 2 Badinage Bundle Details

According to the shop’s description, the Badinage Bundle “contains emotes for fooling around”. And they weren’t kidding either.

The bundle contains three of the silliest emotes ever to grace Destiny 2.

  • The Galloping Knight – 1,200 Silver
  • Persevering Dance – 500 Silver
  • Bureaucratic Walk – 500 Silver

All three emotes will cost a total of 2,200 Silver if bought individually. You can save 600 Silver by buying the Badinage Bundle for 1,600 Silver.

If you take a closer look at the emotes, you will notice that they are direct references to pop culture scenes throughout history.

Take the Persevering Dance, for example. Did you know that it is a reference to Rick Astley’s famous song, Never Gonna Give You Up? Go ahead and compare the two. Done? Now you’ve been Rick Rolled.

If you are familiar with Monty Python and the Holy Grail then you know by now that The Galloping Knight is a reference to the scene where Sir Lancelot and Concorde were “galloping” through a forest before the brave knight received a message.

And finally, the Bureaucratic Walk is a reference to the Monty Python skit, the Ministry of silly walks. This scene was masterfully done by the legendary John Cleese.

And now that we’ve had a laugh or two at Destiny’s expense, we are ready for whatever comes this Saturday, April Fools’ Day. It’s tough to predict what Destiny 2 has in store for us but it’s certainly going to be a nice distraction from all the bugs and network errors we’ve come to know and not love.

Check back with us if Bungie does have something in the works. Till then, have fun out there, Guardians.

And check out this video from Youtuber xHOUNDISHx where he talks about the possibility of hidden quests and teasers of future content in Destiny 2 year 6.