Destiny 2 to Become More Challenging and Revamping the Power Leveling System

Big changes are coming to the game.

Bungie has recently shared its plans for Destiny 2 for the year ahead and in the future. The company has some big things in mind for this year and a lot of changes are coming just to make the game more challenging again. Also, they are planning to overhaul the power leveling system.

According to Bungie, the problem with adding new content to the game makes it increasingly easier to conquer bosses and challenges. Even though the Grand Master level is meant to make players challenged in combat. It is also quite difficult for new and returning players to play with friends already in higher levels without playing for many hours.

Game Director Joe Blackburn wrote in a new blog post saying that the baseline challenge in most of the game’s content is just too low. In Lightfall, the “difficulty knob” as Blackburn describes it, will be dialed up a little bit slightly to give that challenge that many players want.

Players who are new to the game will most likely encounter the Power light level, which is a way for them to reach higher levels and then access endgame content. Unfortunately, this is a very grindy system that newbies will have to invest a lot of hours in order to catch up with their friends who are already at the top levels.

It is a reasonable system but newbies will feel like this is more like a job rather than enjoying the game instead. It is not engaging, not rewarding enough, and would get boring in the long run. It takes too much time.

“We think that there are some major issues with Power in Destiny 2 and how it prevents players from seeing some of our best content, so we’d like to make a big change to the system in The Final Shape,” said Blackburn.

The Final Shape is probably Destiny 2’s upcoming DLC, which will be huge in content and is expected to be released sometime later this year or next. When this arrives, it will end the light and darkness saga and introduces this new content for Destiny 2.

With that said, Bungie is now planning to overhaul the Power settings over the year ahead before it plans to end one storyline and figure out what to do next. Lightfall will launch with the usual Power grind but in the next season called Season of the Deep, it will not have one. The Power and pinnacle cap will remain the same.

Another issue that Bungie is tackling is its end content in every season. It seems the player numbers have dropped to their lowest after a season gets introduced. Blackburn admits that the game can feel too predictable at times. After the end of a season, players have now run out of things to engage in and now will stop playing the game. These are the things they are planning to change when the new season arrives, some new content that will keep them engaged until the season ends.

The two main changes that are coming to Destiny 2 are making the game challenging hence more engaging for the community and making it less reliant on a Power system.

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Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.