Destiny 2 Cheat Seller to Pay Bungie Millions of Dollars in Damages

Bungie gains more funds for their upcoming expansions with these gains.

Destiny 2 cheat seller AimJunkies has been ordered by the court to pay Bungie more than $4.3 million in damages after losing a recent court battle.

Way back in June 2021, Bungie filed a complaint against AimJunkies and its parent company Phoenix Digital. The cause? Copyright infringement.

Just recently in April 2022, a Seattle federal court partially dismissed the claims. It stated that Bungie did not explain sufficiently how cheat software constituted an unauthorized copy of its work.

The judge did talk about some of the other claims that were not copyright-related. Most of them were the claims that the software violated the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision.

Bungie argued that the creator of the software for AimJunkies, third-party developer James May, bypassed the company’s technical prevention measures just to make the cheat software. They then continued to develop it after being caught and banned from the game by Bungie for so many times already.

May did not work for AimJunkies, but its parent company Phoenix was still held liable since it reverse-engineered its work in order to make cheating software for it.

According to a new report by TorrentFreak, the judge has now agreed and awarded Bungie a total of $4,296,222. It has also passed the decision to the federal court and asked it to approve an association injunction. This will now stop AimJunkies from taking part in any similar activities.