Destiny 2 Destination Materials to be Abandoned

Time to let go of the past.

Destination materials from Destiny 2 will no longer be available to collect soon as it moves on.

According to the recent This Week at Bungie post, Bungie revealed that they have decided in Season 19 the destination materials will be abandoned. Which items you say? Check the list below:

  • Dusklight Shards 
  • Microphasic Datalattice 
  • Helium Filaments 
  • Baryon Boughs 
  • Spinmetal Leaves 
  • Glacial Starwort 

These items cannot be collected anymore with the Sparrow vehicle, but players can still ride it and harvest other items on many planets and moons.

Note that this is not the first time Bungie has made some items unobtainable anymore. This is the third time around if memory serves right.

The reason for this removal is simple actually. This was needed as it would make a simpler in-game economy system. There were too many items to collect and keep in the inventory, which made it difficult for newbies to catch up. This will now make it easier for players to collect and remember the items that need to be gathered.

Before, it was easy to get the main currency Glimmer by selling destination materials. So to stop this, Bungie has buffed up the amount of Glimmer gained from Public Events.

Weapons that need these materials will now use the universal Legendary Shards. Several Ghost mods that would need the destination materials will be removed.  Vendors will get some changes too.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.