Destiny 2 The Imbaru Engine: How to Complete

Destiny 2 The Imbaru Engine Featured Image

It’s all coming to a head. In the final weeks of the “Bladed Path” seasonal quest, we discover one of Savathun’s most powerful secrets – The Imaru Engine. But what is the Imaru Engine all about? This guide will tell you everything you need to know Imbaru Engine and the puzzles within.

But first, let’s talk about what the Imbaru Engine is.

What is the Imbaru Engine?

According to the lore, the Imbaru Engine is where Savathun generates and stores her interpretation of Sword Logic. The biggest difference between them is that Sword Logic dictates that the strongest have the right to survive and whatnot. The same applies but in Savathun’s interpretation, it is power acquired through the sowing of doubt and deceit. Even questioning its nature gives power to the Imbaru Engine which in turn gives power to Savathun.

How to Start the Imbaru Engine Quest

The Imaru Engine begins at Week 5, Step 33 of the Bladed Path seasonal quest. Once you get that far into the quest, you can access it from the H.E.L.M. in the Destinations tab.

To start the Imbaru Engine, you’ll need to get to step 33 in the seasonal quest and acquire A Gift of Cunning from the Lectern of Divination. Don’t worry about finding the card. You are guaranteed to get it as soon as you complete the previous quest steps.

You now have access to the special arena. The interesting thing about the Imbaru Engine is that there are no enemies to kill here. They are enemies present in the second test but they are docile for the most part.

Upon entering the location, you will be greeted with a chamber straight out of a Doctor Strange mirror dimension. This is the start of the tests that are meant to baffle you into submission.

Destiny 2 Imbaru Engine Test of Cunning

The first test starts the moment you interact with the summoning circle in the middle of the room. A couple of chests will then appear in front of you. This is how the game teaches you its mechanics.

You are supposed to only open chests that are marked with the symbol of the Witch. The symbols can be pointing to the chests (like the image above) or they can be hidden on surfaces near the chests.

The explorable area goes as far as the swinging traps. But chests can appear on literally every surface, including the shade in the middle of the room.

At its maximum, you will be asked to open 3 chests in different spots all around the chamber. As far as I know, the positions of the marked chests change per entry into the Imbaru Engine. But once you know all the spots, you can pretty much find all the chests in no time.

And you don’t need to worry about opening the wrong chest. Yes, you will die after opening it but your progress will not reset. In other words, you can open all the chests in the chamber and the only thing you’ll lose is a few seconds while you respawn.

Do all the steps correctly and you’ll this message at the bottom left corner of your screen:

You display your cunning
You have conjured cunning...

You are now free to come and go as you please. But do know that the only point of interest at this moment is the door that requires A gift of Strength Arcana to open.

Destiny 2 A Gift of Strength Arcana

A Gift of Strength Arcana is a special item in Destiny 2 that is needed to open the door to the second test of the Imbaru Engine. Unfortunately, you will not find it inside the Engine arena. It can only be found near the end of the Savathun’s Spire activity.

To get the card, you’ll need to go through a run of Savathun’s Spire. Complete the first two rounds and after you’ve gone through the portals puzzle, you’ll find it hidden on the right side of the room of the portal room before fighting the final boss. As pictured above, you’ll need to jump to the platform next to the rightmost portal.

Warning: If you miss the card and go straight to the final boss, you’ll have no choice but to restart from scratch.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you start a regular run or a Legendary one, the card will appear in the same place no matter what.

Once you have collected the card, head back to the Lectern of Divination. Make sure to Acquire the card. You won’t be able to enter the area without it.

Next, go back to the Imbaru Engine Arena. Head straight to the door and open it. You don’t need to do the chest puzzle again. If you do it again, however, your only reward is a meager amount of EXP.

Go through the door and past the spike traps to the gravity well in the back. Go up to the upper floor and look for the door that opens. Ignore the portal somewhere in the back. It just leads back to the beginning.

You are now in a swampy area. But importantly, this is the location for the second puzzle. Interact with the runes in the middle to start the test.

The Strength Test is not exactly what it sounds. You are in this chamber with plates pointing in one direction. On top of the plates are Knights and Cursed Thralls. The idea is to shoot enemies in the correct order or else be forced to restart in a violent way.

You start by going to the back and looking for a reveal circle. Follow the illuminated footsteps (as pictured above) and shoot the Ceded Knight on top of it. If the whole place doesn’t explode then that means you’re on the right track.

Important: If you happen to wipe, you don’t need to go back and do the reveal again. Just shoot the Knight to begin the test.

Now, go to where to arrow is pointing and shoot the knight on that plate. You may be asked to look past walls. Just keep your focus and you’ll get the right Knight eventually. Repeat the process until you go inside a small cave. This is where it gets interesting.

Look for this Craven Thrall that’s pictured above. This is where part 2 of the test kicks in. Shoot it as you normally would but DO NOT shoot the Knight the arrow is pointing to. Instead, you are supposed to kill the next enemy the arrow beneath the Knight is pointing to, which is another Craven Thrall. You are going to repeat this process until you enter another small cave.

Inside the final cave, shoot this Thrall to continue the chain. The same principle applies here. Do not shoot the Thrall on the next plate. Look at where that one is facing and kill the one on top of it.

Do this a few more times and you’ll have completed the puzzle.

Imbaru Engine Rewards

Completing the first test will most likely get you a couple of Witch’s Engrams and a Witch’s Key. Though I’ve seen reports of players getting weapons too. (No confirmation of red border, unfortunately.

As for the Strength Test, your rewards will most likely be a seasonal weapon, 3 Witch’s Engrams, and an Enhancement Prism. Well, that’s what I got, at least. The rewards might be slightly different for you.

And that’s everything I have for the Imabaru Engine in Destiny 2. I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re done with this arena just yet. There is another test out there and I will update this article if and when it drops. So stay tuned for that. Till then, have fun and good luck out there, Guardians.