Destiny 2 Greasy Luck God Roll: best PvP & PvE Perks

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We don’t usually like using glaives in most forms of content. They are cumbersome to wield and worse, they have questionable hit registration in PvP. The Winterbite can be useful in PvE thanks to its unique ability to shoot turret orbs. But that’s an Exotic, not a legendary glaive. So how does the Greasy Luck fair considering it is the first rapid-fire glaive in Destiny 2? Let’s break it down and compare it to the Judgment of Kelgorath, the first Aggressive Frame glaive.

How to get the Greasy Luck in Destiny 2?

The Greasy Luck glaive can be acquired by claiming loot chests at the end of Ghosts of the Deep dungeon encounters. It is not a guaranteed drop every time but the loot pool is shallow enough that the odds of getting one roll are very likely.

Best Greasy Luck PvP God Roll

  • 1st Column: Supercooled Accelerator
  • 2nd Column: Accurized Rounds
  • Range Masterwork
  • Targeting Adjuster Mod
  • Impulse Amplifier + Opening Shot (This pairing allows you to shoot your glaive from afar. It’s a rapid-fire glaive, so the Greasy Luck can get potentially get a pick before the enemy has a chance to get to SMG range.)
  • Impulse Amplifier + Close to Melee (This is best suited in the middle of combat. Get a pick with Impulse Amplifier and you can use your increased melee attack to make quick work of any would-be attacker.)

Alternative Roll

  • 1st Column: Tempered Truss Rod
  • 2nd Column: Swap Mag
  • Handling Masterwork
  • Quick Access Sling
  • Disruption Break + Opening Shot (Glaive shots go one of two ways: they either outright kill the opposing Guardian or they leave them one shot. This roll increases your handling so that you can quickly swap to your primary should they survive the initial attack. As an added bonus, Disruption Break leaves them vulnerable to Kinetic damage for a short amount of time.)

PvP tip:

Let’s get this one out of the way first, the Judgment of Kelgorath nearly has twice as many perk options, and more importantly, it is craftable. The reason why the Judgment of Kelgorath works in PvP is the fact that it is an Aggressive glaive that almost always kills anything it hits. The problem with the Greasy Luck is that you need to be on the safe side just to survive a 1 on 1 engagement.

The fact is, glaives are hard to use in PvP. Not because they look like they can pierce through a Guardian. (They are capable of doing that and more under the right conditions.) But because melee hit registration is questionable at best with Destiny 2 servers. We can’t tell you how many times we failed to secure the melee kill on an unaware Guardian. Only for them to turn around and melee us to death instead.

In short, glaives can be good. If you can learn an intricate dance of death with projectiles, shields, and awful melee. If you use glaives in PvP, you’ll feel the difference in the rate of fire with the Greasy Luck at the very least.

Best Greasy Luck PvE God Roll

  • 1st Column: Auxiliary Reserves
  • 2nd Column: Extended Mag
  • Range Masterwork
  • Targeting Adjuster Mod
  • Replenishing Aegis + Unstoppable Force (One of the best perk combinations you can find on a glaive. As long as you have the energy and the ammo, you can hold back practically anything short of bosses.)
  • Immovable Object + Incandescent (This is more of a fun combo wherein you just stand still for the most part and shoot mobs and watch them explode in a fiery ball of fire. Best paired with a Solar build to better get scorch stacks.)

It’s just like any other glaive in the game. It can shoot a little faster and that’s about it. There’s nothing more to say here.

How good is the Greasy Luck Glaive?

From what we can tell, the Greasy Luck is only going to be known as the glaive that shoots slightly faster. We can’t tell you if it’s worth grinding or not. That’s entirely up to the Guardian who is pursuing the god roll weapons. We can also say that it’s worth keeping a 5/5 god roll if you don’t already have a judgment of Kelgorath. To everyone else, it’s better to craft a god roll Judgement of Kelgorath.

These are the Greasy Luck Base Stats before any perks are applied:

  • Impact: 55
  • Range: 52
  • Shield Duration: 18
  • Handling: 61
  • Reload Speed: 63
  • Rounds Per Minute: 80
  • Magazine: 4

The two perks that set this glaive apart from others are Collective Action and Redirection. Collective Action doesn’t really move the needle for us. But Redirection in a glaive PvE build is quite interesting. We don’t think it can kill bosses or anything. But we are open to that idea.

3rd column perks

  • Immovable Object
  • Killing Wind
  • Impulse Amplifier
  • Disruption Break
  • Replenishing Aegis
  • Lead From Gold

4th column perks

  • Unstoppable Force
  • Opening Shot
  • Collective Action
  • Redirection
  • Close to Melee
  • Incandescent

And that’s everything we have right now for this Greasy Luck god roll guide. There’s certainly something here for PvE content. A couple of rolls that have the potential of doing a lot of boss damage. We can’t say for sure yet but once we know, we will update this article. We’ll even give it a shot in PvP if only to see how well the projectiles go for the glaive. Anyways, good luck and have fun out there, Guardian.

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