Destiny 2 Lightfall Launch Trailer Released

The Witness and its disciple are here for the Traveller.

Bungie has recently debuted the official Destiny 2 Lightfall launch trailer today with some new details for the game.

With the upcoming launch of the next expansion Lightfall, its launch trailer was released first to celebrate early. It features the arrival of the Witness and its disciple, Calus. It will add new enemies like the formidable Tormentors, the new campaign, and the new Legendary difficulty mode.

Lightfall will introduce the new element Strand to stand against this formidable foe. It will introduce new powerful Exotics, and the new grapple ability.

Players can improve their Guardian by adding the mod, upgrades that can be added to weapons and armor unlocking new perks and abilities. The new expansion will offer new mods to use in crafting.

Mod Customization will allow players to manage their mod collection with a dedicated interface. It allows them to navigate an all-in-one screen that shows all mods and armor pieces at any given time, which allows them to quickly slot in mods without having to click on individual armor slots.

Loadouts allows players to quickly swap entire sets of gear easily. They can also save, label, and visually identify new loadouts as they are created. Six slots are available at the beginning and as they go on, more loadouts can be created.

Guardian Ranks and Commendations were also added, which are designed with social gameplay in mind. Guardian Ranks lets players easily understand the experience and abilities of other Guardians they encounter. The Commendations system allows players to compliment the fireteam members after an event or activity has been completed.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.