Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph The Dawning Event Card Guide

A guide on the Dawning Event 2022 Event Card - challenges and how to upgrade them

Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022 Event Card Guide Featured Image

The Dawning returns this holiday season to bring cheer and good tidings for all! Our favorite events guide, Even Levante is back in the tower and she’s going to help us Guardians bake delicious cooking using highly suspect ingredients! Through January 2, 2023, players can take part in the Dawning cheer and give some love to our favorite characters throughout the system!

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022 Event Card Challenges List, particularly, how to get started, and what the rewards will be for taking part in the event.

Destiny 2 The Dawning Event Card Season of the Seraph

This year sees the event card is being applied to this event for the first time. Players can complete challenges to unlock rewards such as:

  • A brand new emblem
  • A shader
  • A brand new Exotic Ghost
  • An Exotic Sparrow
  • A new emote
  • and more!

As for those Guardians who want to do their part in spreading cheer AND more, they will be eligible for the “Star Baker” title and seal.

How to Start Event Card Tracker in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022

To get started on the event card you’ll first need to do a favor for Eva. She will be at the usual event place in the Tower.

Once you’ve greeted her, she’ll ask you to bake a special something for Commander Zab, a treat called Gjallardoodles, using Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1. Don’t worry about the ingredients for now. Eva’s got you covered.

Next, open the Quests tab and look for Eva’s Oven. This is where you’ll bake the treat to give to the Commander. The recipe for the cookie should be the first and only one there. Hold Apply to get set the ingredients and bake the treat. It’s time to present the treat to the commander.

In exchange for the treat, he has authorized you to receive a Holiday gift bag for your troubles.

After that’s done, simply open the Quest tab and this time look for the Dawning challenges quest. Press View Challenges to claim your first reward and open up the rest of the Event Challenges.

Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022 Event Card Challenges List

  • Adept Baker – Beach each of the cookies in the Dawning Oven (13/13)
  • Amateur Baker – Bake each of the cookies in the Dawning Oven (6/6)
  • Bake-stravaganza – Bake cookies in the Dawning Oven (50/50)
  • Competitive Spirit – Complete Crucible or Gambit matches
  • Dawn of the Dawning – Complete the Dawning introduction quests “Bake a Cookie” and “Give a Gift to Zavala”
  • Deep Freeze – Defeat combatants or Guardians with Stasis weapons or abilities
  • Expert Baker – Bake each of the cookies in the Dawning Oven (20/20)
  • Nightmare Seraph Before Dawning – Complete Nightmare Containment or Heist Battlegrounds
  • Shopping Spree – Purchase all 12 Dawning upgrades from Eva with Dawning Spirit (12/12)
  • Snowball Dares – Defeat combatants with snowballs in Dares of Eternity (100/100)
  • Snowball Ops – Defeat combatants with snowballs in the Vanguard Ops playlist (100/100)
  • Snowmelt – Defeat combatants or Guardians with Solar weapons or abilities
  • Star Baker – Earn the Dawning 2022 Seal
  • They Call It sNOw – Defeat combatants or Guardians with Void weapons or abilities
  • Thundersnow – Defeat combatants or Guardians with Arc weapons or abilities
  • Vanguard Eternity – Complete Vanguard Ops or Dares of Eternity activities
  • With Light Comes Dawn-ing – Complete activities in Savathun’s throne world

How to Upgrade the Event Card

If you want to upgrade your Event Card, you’ll need to spend 1,000 Silver to unlock an Instant Reward Bundle and the ability to spend Event Tickets for more rewards. It is worth noting that you can get multiple Instant Reward Bundles per purchase. Also, there is the possibility that these Upgraded Event Card rewards could be added to the Eververse store. Hey, it’s something.

Upgrade Event Card Rewards

Event Pack – You can instantly claim this bundle once the Event Card has been upgraded. It contains the following items:

  • Downhill Skiing Exotic Emote
  • Forward Erebus Exotic Vehicle
  • Noble Rime Legendary Shader

Mountainside Shell Exotic Ghost Shell (7 event tickets)

Action Figure Showdown Legendary Emote (5 event tickets)

Gift Stack Entrance Legendary Transmat Effect (3 event tickets)

Warm Hat Projection Legendary Ghost Projection (1 event ticket)

And that’s it for the Event Card details for the event. Enjoy the Dawning and have a great rest of the year!

Check out the official trailer for the event courtesy of the Destiny 2 YouTube channel.