Destiny 2 Lightfall Unfinished Business Quest Walkthrough

These are the steps included in the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall

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The Unfinished Business in Destiny 2: Lightfall is one of the first post-campaign side quests Guardians can pick up outside of the ones in the Hall of Heroes. This quest gives us further insight into Nimbus’ internal conflict. More importantly, this is the quest that rewards us with the Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun.

How to Complete the Unfinished Business Quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall

This is a 13 Step quest that sees the player frequenting Ahimsa Park and Liming Harbor. Our ultimate goal was to recreate a device that would lead us back to the Black Garden. Inside the Black Garden, it is believed that the Vex were trying to recreate the Veil. They failed in their experiment. But we may learn something about the Veil and hopefully, give us a lead on the Witness’s next move.

Step 1: Go to the Hall of Heroes

Step 2: Visit Nimbus to find out why they left Rohan’s induction ceremony early

Step 3: Collect cipher qubits from the Vex and use them to extract Rohans’ data from Cloud Accretions in Neomuna.

This is where the quest actually begins. It asks the Guardian to collect Cipher Qubits from Vex enemies and to collect 5 Cloud Accretions from the environment. The Ciphers are easy enough to find. The Vex are everywhere on the map. The Cloud Accretions might prove a little more difficult to spot. We advise using a resource detector on your Ghost to help you find the resource.

Step 4: Locate the final data packet in Maya’s Retreat.

Step 5: Survive the Vex attack and recover the data packet from their conflux.

Steps 4 and 5 require you to head to Maya’s Retreat and recover a data packet from a Vex conflux. If you remember, Maya’s Retreat is located East of Liming Harbor.

Once you’ve interacted with the conflux, you will need to hold off an attack from the Vex. They’ll throw the usual stuff – mobile platforms often seen in Terminal Overload events. Interact with the Conflux again to get the data.

Step 6: Regroup with Nimbus and Osiris in Radiosonder to find out what was in Rohan’s notes.

Step 7: Retrieve a Vex compass from the Lost Sector in Liming Harbor.

After watching the short scene with Osiris and Nimbus, it’s time to head to the Thrilladrome Lost Sector for the next step in the quest. Located direct North of the harbor, this lost sector is an unusual one where the entrance is a vent on the second floor.

The first half of the Lost Sector requires the Guardian to clear a Neomuna arcade. The second half takes place in cyberspace where the Guardian has to take down a tanky heavy-hitting Hydra. Thankfully, we don’t have to do this as a Legend Lost Sector. Open the chest at the end to get to the next step in the quest.

Step 8: Create chaos in Ahimsa Park to draw Shadow Legion forces away from Calus’s ship. The more you use your abilities to defeat combatants, the more mayhem you create.

Step 9: The passkey’s other component is a Seed of Silver Wings. One can be found in Calus’s trove deep within the Typhon Imperator.

Step 8 requires the Guardian to draw out Shadow Legion forces in Ahimsa Park. To finish this step, all you need to do is to take down as many Cabal forces in Ahimsa Park as required. If the Overload Terminal public event is active, you can get through it in no time.

The next step sees us going back to Calus’s flagship and going back to the treasure trove. This will require some parkour and a little bit of remembering previous instances from the Campaign. Once inside the trove, you may want to dispatch all the Cabal in the area before collecting the necessary components from the walls. Please the images above for reference.

Step 10: Return to Nimbus in Striders’ Gate to build the passkey.

Step 11: Complete the mission “What Remains.”

Now that you’ve built the passkey with the help of Nimbus, it’s time to head to the Black Garden and finish what Rohan started.

The mission is like an extended version of a strike. But the highlight here is that we get another look at the Black Garden after first seeing it in the Shadow Keep expansion.

Step 12: Bring the Conceptual Mind’s memory core to Nimbus in Strider’s Gate.

The expedition into the Vex realm was an eventful one. Nimbus wanted to prove something but really it was just their way of coping with the loss. Nimbus stopped short of going alone solo after seeing the Machine Gun, Deterministic Chaos. Seeing it there, reminded Nimbus of the duty they needed to fulfill.

We then have the option to use this weapon, or any other heavy weapon to complete the mission.

The introductory quest for the Exotic Machine Gun was quite nice but there’s one more step we need to do before calling it for this quest.

Step 13: Go to the Hall of Heroes to honor those who cut their years short for the sake of humanity.

The final step sees us going back to the Hall of Heroes to pay homage to those lost for the sake of humanity. A short cutscene with Nimbus and Osiris finally seeing eye-to-eye caps the end of this quest. There’s even a brief glimpse of Sagira, Osiris’s Ghost.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Unfinished Business Destiny 2 Exotic quest. Hopefully, it was of use to you, Guardian.

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