Destiny 2 ViDoc Light in the Darkness Discusses Upcoming Expansion The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen details and more!

Bungie recently released the Destiny 2 ViDoc Light in the Darkness talking all about the upcoming expansion The Witch Queen, which is arriving in just two weeks.

The video documentary or ViDoc featured a lot of team members of Bungie sharing details about the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. According to them, this is only the start as there is still a whole season of content to check out. They confirmed that they have building this new expansion for years now.

Season 16 is going to be called Season of the Risen. The story campaign in the upcoming expansion though will feature several major characters like Ikora, Zavala, Saladin, Eris, Crow, and Ana Bray. Caiatl will be the main star of this season.

At one cutscene, Caiatl will be using her light-trapping device against Savathun. She also fights Saladin at some point in the season too.

While the new main campaign story to tackle, the developers are excited to see their audience’s reaction after they reach some point where there will be narrative “bombs.” This would mean a plot twist to the story that would complicate things further or just surprise everyone.

Crafting was mentioned a bit and it seems players will be able to grind to unlock all perks on a weapon. Players can then “reshape” to change up the perks for a low cost with the use of a new currency. Customization will be the main focus here and no switching of weapons on the fly for now.

50 new weapons are said to be coming to the game between Witch Queen and Risen releases. There also eight exotics and two armor exotics for each class. One of the armor exotics is the Stasis. The new Warlock Void boots were shown as well.

There were some quick revelations for the new Void 3.0 aspects and fragments as well. Some of them includes Chaos Accelerant, Child of the Old Gods, Echo of Exchange, Echo of Remnants, and Echo of Reprisal.

Bungie shared a short discussion about their plans for Solar 3.0 and Arc 3.0, which are both confirmed to be coming within this year. Solar will include burning and healing as core mechanic. Arc will be chaining but fast, quick reflexes.

Destiny 2 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Witch Queen expansion launches on February 22, 2022.