Destiny 2 Weekly Reset April 04 2023 – Eruption Returns to Iron Banner

Here's what you can expect for the sixth week of Destiny 2 Season 20

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset April 04 2023 Featured Image

This is our Destiny 2 weekly reset article for the week of April 04, 2023. The season quest may be done for right now but give it some time as Bungie usually have another tidbit that sets up the events for the next season. In the meantime, we’ll go over all the weekly challenges as well as updates to weekly activities and the latest on Eververse store offerings.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time

As always, the Destiny 2 weekly reset times are 10 AM PDT for the folks on the West Coast of the US. 6 AM BST for our readers in Britain. And 2 AM JST the following day for everyone in Japan.

Destiny 2 Weekly Activities April 04 – April 10 2023 Overview

After a week away from the spotlight, Iron Banner returns for the second time this season. This week sees the return of Iron Banner Eruption! This fan-favorite mode was the lightning in the bottle that breathed new life into a once-stale Iron Banner event. If you haven’t already gotten the new Iron Banner weapons this season, here’s your chance to do so.

This week also sees The Drifter giving additional ranks in the Gambit playlist mode. Since the start of Lightfall, Gambit has somehow found a way to go even lower in the eyes’ of Guardians. It doesn’t matter if it’s the numerous cheese strategies or the Winterbite exploit a few weeks that utterly melted bosses, Gambit is not fun for many Guardians. Let’s hope the additional ranks spark new life into the game mode.

Where is Xur? April 07 2023

It’s that time of the week again when everyone in the Destiny 2 community asks the question – Where is Xur?

This weekend Xur can be found hanging around his favorite branch overlooking the Watcher’s Grave on Nessus. Once you’re planet-side, head North along the cliff face, and once you start seeing the roots, go up to reach Xur.

And what’s our favorite Destiny 2 agent of the Nine selling this week? Let’s see.

Exotic Gear: (23 Legendary Shards each)

  • Sunshot Hand Cannon (29 Legendary Shards)
  • The Dragon’s Shadow Hunter Chest Armor
  • Helm of Saint-14 Titan Helmet
  • Transversive Steps Warlock Leg Armor

Legendary Weapons: (50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer each)

  • Dire Promise Hand Cannon
  • Seventh Seraph VY-7 Submachine Gun
  • Extraordinary Rendition Submachine Gun
  • Truthteller Grenade Launcher
  • Widow’s Bite Sniper Rifle (PvP: recommended)
  • Interference VI Heavy Grenade Launcher (PvE: recommended)
  • Night Watch Scout Rifle

Legendary Armor: (50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer each)

  • Tusked Allegiance Gauntlets
  • Tusked Allegiance Plate
  • Tusked Allegiance Mark Legendary Titan Mark
  • Tusked Allegiance Helmet
  • Tusked Allegiance Greaves
  • Tusked Allegiance Gloves (53 Overall, +20 Resilience roll)
  • Tusked Allegiance Robes
  • Tusked Allegiance Bond
  • Tusked Allegiance Hood
  • Tusked Allegiance Boots
  • Tusked Allegiance Grips
  • Tusked allegiance Vest
  • Tusked Allegiance Cloak
  • Tusked Allegiance Mask
  • Tusked Allegiance Strides

Destiny 2 Weekly Challenges April 04 2023

Forceful Liberator – Defeat combatants in the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist using Power weapons. Earn bonus progress if they also deal Solar damage.

Relentless Liberator – Gain bonus rewards using a Defiant Key at the end of Defiant Battlegrounds playlist activities on both Normal and Legend difficulties. Defiant Keys can be earned by completing Lightfall campaign missions, Terminal Overload in Neomuna, raids, Vanguard ops, etc.

Vexing Liberator – Defeat Vex with Seasonal weapons. These are Perpetualis, Prodigal Return, Regnant, Caretaker, Raconteur, and Royal Executioner. Bonus progress awarded for Vex defeated in Seasonal activities.

Defiant Crucible Ornament – Acquire the Crucible ornament for Ecliptic Distaff.

Elegant Weaponry – Defeat combatants in Vanguard playlists or strikes while using a Sword, Bow, or Glaive.

Absolutely Stunning – Stun Champions.

Destiny 2 Nightfall This Week April 04 – April 10 2023

The Lake of Shadows will be the featured Nightfall mission for the week. The mission is going to see a refresh of sorts this season. Expect some twists and turns much in the same way The Arms Dealer mission received.

The Lake of Shadows is one of the oldest strikes in Destiny 2, so we can’t wait to see what changes they have in store for the EDZ strike.

Nightfall weapon this week

This week’s featured Nightfall weapon is going to be the reprised ‘The Swarm’ legendary machine gun. The weapon itself was OK when it was first released so we’re hoping that it can get a second chance for a fresh start like the Buzzard Sidearm.

Destiny 2 Crucible Featured Game Mode April 04 2023

This week, Lord Shaxx has authorized the return of Mayhem to the Crucible. As the name suggests, this game mode is chaos incarnate. With cooldowns lowered to nearly zero, this mode is all about spam and letting off some steam after a session in Competitive.

Destiny 2 Featured Raid and Dungeon April 04 – April 10 2023

This week sees the reprieved King’s Fall raid as the featured raid for the week. Turn back the clock to face Oryx, the Taken King, once again in Destiny 2. This has been a favorite among Guardians since the days of Destiny 2, and for good reason.

King’s Fall Raid Challenges

  • The Grass is Always Greener: Done during the Totem encounter, the challenge asks Guardians to not take the same buff type two times in a row.
  • Devious Thievery: Done during the Warpriest encounter, this challenge gives Guardians 5 seconds to swap buffs after swiping the Taken Knight’s Buff Claimer.
  • Gaze Amaze: Done during the Golgoroth encounter, it requires the gaze holder to stand in the Pool of Unclaimed Light when swapping the gaze to another Guardian.
  • Under Construction: Done during the Daughters encounter, the challenge requires Guardians to not stand on the same plate twice throughout the entire encounter.
  • Hands Off: Done during the Oryx encounter, raiders must not kill the same Ogre or Light-Eater Knight throughout the whole encounter.

Additionally, this week’s featured Dungeon is going to be Prophecy. Enter the realm of the Nine and question: “What is the nature of the Darkness?”

And as usual, completing these featured content will reward you with pinnacle gear.

Destiny 2 Lost Sector Today April 04 – April 10 2023

  • April 04, 2023 – Gilded Precept (Neomuna) – Exotic Gauntlets
    • Champions: Barrier, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Unknown
    • Shields: Solar, Void
  • April 05, 2023 – Excavation Site XII (EDZ) – Exotic Chest Piece
    • Champions: Barrier, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Solar
    • Shields: Arc
  • April 06, 2023 – Skydock IV (EDZ) – Exotic Helmet
    • Champions: Barrier, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Unknown
    • Shields: Void
  • April 07, 2023 – The Quarry (EDZ) – Exotic Leg Armor
    • Champions: Barrier, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Void
    • Shields: Solar, Void
  • April 08, 2023 – Aphelion’s Rest (Dreaming City) – Exotic Gauntlets
    • Champions: Overload, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Stasis
    • Shields: Void
  • April 09, 2023 – Chamber of Starlight (Dreaming City) – Exotic Chest Piece
    • Champions: Overload, Unstoppable
    • Burn: Solar
    • Shields: Solar, Void
  • April 10, 2023 – Perdition (Europa) – Exotic Helmets
    • Champions: Barrier, Overload
    • Burn: Arc
    • Shields: Arc, Void

Featured Potential rewards:

  • Exotic Boots
    • Hunter: Star-Eater Scales, Radiant Dance Machines, Speedloader Slacks
    • Titan: The Path of Burning Steps
    • Warlock: Rain of Fire, Secant Filaments, Boots of the Assembler, Swarmers
  • Exotic Gauntlets
    • Hunter: Caliban’s Hand, Renewal Grasps, Athrys’s Embrace
    • Titan: Point-Contact Cannon Brace, Second Chance, Icefall Mantle, No Backup Plans
    • Warlock: Necrotic Grip, Nothing Manacles, Osmiomancy Gloves, Ballidorse Wrathweavers
  • Exotic Chest Pieces
    • Hunter: Gryfalcon’s Hauberk, Omnioculus
    • Titan: Hoarfrost-Z, Cuirass of the Falling Star
    • Warlock: Mantle of Battle Harmony
  • Exotic Helmets
    • Hunter: Blight Ranger, Mask of Barkris, Cyrtarachne’s Facade
    • Titan: Loreley Splendor Helm, Precious Scars, Cadmus Ridge Lancecap
    • Warlock: Fall Sunstar, Dawn Chorus

Do note that though they may be the featured Exotics, there is a chance you can still obtain other Exotics that are not in your collection. The featured set just means you have a higher chance of getting them, but it is never guaranteed.

Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity Rewards April 04 – April 10 2023

Featured faction armor sets from Destiny 2 Season of the Forsaken and the Chosen:

  • Scatterhorn Armor Set
  • Praefectur Armor

Featured weapons from Destiny 2 Season of the Lost and Chosen:

  • Scathelocke Auto Rifle
  • Extraordinary Rendition Submachine Gun
  • Brass Attacks Sidearm
  • Threaded Needle Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Code Duello Rocket Launcher
  • Far Future Sniper Rifle
  • Honor’s Edge Sword
  • Distant Tumulus Sniper Rifle
  • Interference VI Heavy Grenade Launcher
  • Sheperd’s Watch Sniper Rifle
  • Annual Skate Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Eververse This Week April 03 – April 10 2023

Now that we’ve sorted through this week’s activities, let’s head over to Tess and the Destiny 2 Evererse to see what she has on offer in exchange for Bright Dust.

The Eververse Store for this week has:

  • Arcade Games Multiplayer Exotic Emote – 4250 Bright Dust
  • Exotech Shell Exotic Ghost Shell – 2850 Bright Dust
  • Kit Shell Exotic Ghost Shell – 2850 Bright Dust
  • Exohelian Exotic Ship – 3000 Bright Dust
  • Ketch Flight Entrance Legendary Transmat Effect – 450 Bright Dust
  • Laguna Cruiser Legendary Shader – 300 Bright Dust
  • Polished Sea Stone Legendary Shader – 300 Bright Dust
  • Magic Trick Legendary Ghost Projection – 1500 Bright Dust
  • Can’t Go On Rare Emote – 400 Bright Dust

Featured Weapon Ornament:

  • Shiro’s Watch Exotic [Trespasser] Weapon Ornament – 1250 Bright Dust
  • Blind Faith Legendary [Trust] Weapon Ornament – 700 Bright Dust

Featured Armor Ornament:

  • Limitless Subversion Strides Legendary Hunter Universal Ornament – 1200 Bright Dust
  • Technologic Boots Legendary Warlock Universal Ornament – 1200 Bright Dust
  • Cogent Beat Greaves Titan Universal Ornament – 1200 Bright Dust

Destiny 2 is out now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and on PC (via Steam). Season 20, 21, and 22 season passes are available on all platforms in exchange for 1,000 Silver or $9.99.

Check out this video from Youtuber xHoundishx where he talks about the upcoming week’s activities for the sixth week of Destiny 2 Season 20.