Bite of the Fox God Roll – Iron Banner Season 20 Guide

Bite of the Fox God Roll Featured Image

The Bite of the Fox sniper rifle has returned to Destiny 2. This weapon was once known for its ability to one-hit kill Guardians with a body shot under the right conditions. Now this revamped version of the weapon will need to function like an actual sniper rifle.

This sniper is an Aggressive Frame with a low zoom value of 43. This pretty much lands on that sweet spot for combat sniping in both mid to long range. The sound and feel of this weapon have a lot of weight to them. That already makes it worth it.

Bite of the Fox Base Stats

These are the weapon’s stats before any perks are applied:

  • Impact: 90
  • Range: 70
  • Stability: 20
  • Handling: 25
  • Reload Speed: 25
  • Zoom: 43
  • Rounds Per Minute: 72
  • Magazine: 3

The Bite of the Fox is a sniper that can be used in the middle of a gunfight as a surprise option. The low zoom won’t hamper your efforts to adjust and you can hit a target well over in the distance. However, because you’re using an aggressive frame archetype, it’s not so forgiving should you miss a shot.

Where to Get Bite of the Fox

The Bite of the Fox sniper rifle can potentially drop at the end of a match of Iron Banner, provided that you’ve already unlocked the weapon beforehand. You are also guaranteed a roll of this weapon after reaching Rank 4 with Lord Saladin.

You can farm for different rolls of the unlocked weapon in exchange for:

  • 1 Iron Engram
  • 25 Legendary Shards
  • 20,000 Glimmer

Bite of the Fox God Roll for PvP & PvE

Because of the weapon’s low zoom value, you have a bit of wiggle room in duels while being able to shoot Jade Rabbit users from extreme ranges. If there’s anything that could hold this weapon back is the fact that the weapon has a low Aim Assistance value of 41. Iron Gaze with Firmly Planted could solve that problem but we have yet to get such a roll so we can’t comment on its effectiveness.

Barrels in the first column won’t affect the weapon’s performance all too much. It already has a good amount of range and if you’re shooting something 100 meters away, you might as well be aiming at a dot on screen. But if you’re to have to choose, you can’t go wrong with Hammer-forged Rifling or Fullbore. And because no other masterwork is remotely useful, you might as find a roll with a Ranged Masterwork on it. Otherwise, find the one with the best perks.

When it comes to the second column, you’re not going to find anything useful for PvP. In PvE content, however, you can make a case for Appended Mag or Extended Mag. Appended mag increases the number of bullets in the magazine to a whooping 4 bullets. The same goes for the extended mag but at least you can push the magazine to 5 if you equip a backup mag mod. If you do get an appended mag roll, you can equip a boss or major spec mod to make up for the one missing bullet.

PvP God Roll

When it comes to finding the god roll in PvP, you should consider how you want to use this sniper. Are you the kind of player who sits in the back, patiently waiting for the opponent to peek, or someone who remains mobile within dueling range? The good news is that there’s a roll for you with this weapon. Almost all of the perks are impactful here, with the exception of Slickdraw. That one’s just bad.

There are 3 rolls of interest for the PvP enthusiast to find. Snapshot + Opening Shot, Firmly Planted + Opening Shot, and Snapshot + Moving Target. All these rolls improve your chances of landing that crucial first hit. If your playstyle demands you remain mobile and you hate crouching, the Moving Target roll is perfect for you. You can actually swap out Snapshot with No Distractions if you prefer to scope in early but be aware that flinch on sniper hurts a lot and scoping in for any period of time turns your character into a shiny beacon.

PvE God Roll

The PvE god roll for this weapon has got to be Rapid Hit + Vorpal Weapon for bosses. Look, some of these guys have crit points the size of buses. You need to be actively missing to not hit them. So you might as well make use of rapid hit to improve your reload speed while you’re hitting them with +20% damage from vorpal weapon.

Another intriguing roll could be Envious Assassin + Vorpal Weapon. The idea here is that you get rapid kills with another weapon and then bring out Bite of the Fox with start hitting enemies with the roughly 6-8 bullets you have in your magazine.

And that’s all we have for this Bite of the Fox god roll guide. We were surprised with how good this gun can be in PvP, and not just because some enemies stand still while claiming a zone. Also, remember that Eternity and Midtown are part of the map rotation. Firing lanes can’t get more open than that in Destiny 2. Good luck on god roll search for the rest of the week, Guardians.

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