Detroit: Become Human Hands-on Preview – Emotionally Impacting

What’s best at PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia is no other than Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream’s upcoming neo-thriller that revolves around androids becoming more independent and emotionally inclined is a game that everyone might enjoy.

Disclaimer Starts.

Just to be transparent, Detroit: Become Human will be my first Quantic Dream game. I’ve never played Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit, and Beyond: Two Souls. You may think that it would be best to play Quantic’s previous IPs so I can get the gist of their formula and style, I won’t disagree because it’s an advantage – but I won’t agree neither since the games are not connected with each other.

Detroit is a new IP, and even if there’s no prior experience from Quantic’s older games, the interactive and decision-driven mechanics are quite similar to Until Dawn and Telltale titles.

Disclaimer Ends.

The playable demo at the event was the part where Connor was sent to resolve a hostage situation. This particular sequence was revealed at Sony’s E3 2016 press conference as a trailer. For those who already know how the situation concludes and if you are planning to play the demo at PlayStation Experience this December, the emotion that the game tries to make you feel might not be that impacting. However, there’s a huge difference between controlling the decisions from just watching it unfold.

You can investigate what happened in the vicinity. You can also scan evidences to get more data and reconstruct the incident to be able to see how it happened. There’s the ability to talk with NPCs to do more digging for clues to boost your chances of stopping the rouge android.

Since the demo was based from the E3 2016 trailer, I already knew what’s going to happen to rogue android. However, the anxiety still lingered inside. I didn’t think that it would affect me emotionally after playing the demo. I was able to convince the rogue android to let the little girl go in the end and got a 100% success rate, but that moment when the sniper shot him down, I felt betrayed.

Until now, I still think of what might have been the best choice to save both of them and yet I realized that it would’ve concluded in the same way. But that might not be true since I didn’t get enough time to experiment with its dialogue tree and the consequences. There is still that chance to save both the android and the girl.

Detroit: Become Human is by far the best demo I’ve played at PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia. I can’t wait how its narrative unfolds, its character development, the branching stories, and how it can emotionally affect you.

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