Diablo 4 Best Druid Build

Learn to make the best of the Druid class in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 best Druid build featured

When you have a class that juggles between being a mage and a physical damage dealer, deciding on a Druid build for Diablo 4 can be pretty challenging. This class is one of the hardest to main due to its rather niche skills early in the game before unlocking the more powerful ones. Here’s a guide for the best Druid build in Diablo 4.

Best Druid Build in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 beta only allows you to get to level 25 so our skill points are very limited. Despite that, it’s possible to create an incredibly powerful Druid using their shapeshifting skills. Here is the best Druid build in Diablo 4:

  • Maul: 1
  • Enhanced Maul: 1
  • Fierce Maul: 1
  • Pulverize: 1
  • Enhanced Pulverize: 1
  • Primal Pulverize: 1
  • Debilitating Roar: 3
  • Enhanced Debilitating Roar: 1
  • Innate Debilitating Roar: 1
  • Wolves: 3
  • Enhanced Wolf Pack: 1
  • Call of the Wild: 2
  • Mending: 1
  • Provocation: 2
  • Trample: 1
  • Enhanced Trample: 1
  • Savage Trample: 1
  • Grizzly Rage: 1

The Diablo 4 Open beta only gives you 24 ability points to play around with. This makes our choice of which abilities to invest in rather limited for the time being. But we can still make a formidable Druid build despite that.

Diablo 4 Best Druid Build overview

The Druid class is in a bit of a tough spot compared to the other four classes from our experience. He doesn’t hit as hard as the Barbarian nor are his spells as potent as the Sorcerer. You can essentially juggle him as a hybrid between a mage and a fighter. For this Druid build, we leaned towards his Werebear form and took full advantage of it.

Compared to the Druid’s werewolf form, the Werebear is slow but strikes harder and does AoE damage to enemies surrounding you. It also gives you some great skills such as the Debilitating Roar which we’ll be relying a lot on this build. Unfortunately you can’t really mix werewolf skills with this build the werebear skills beyond the basic skill tree require that you are in bear form to use.

The Wolf skill will summon wolf companions to your side which benefits from the Innate Debilitating Roar modifier and Enhanced Wolf Pack. You won’t get as much use out of the Maul basic skill other than to farm Spirit for your other skills but it’s a good way to get rid of annoying mobs who get too close.

Best Druid Build in Diablo 4

You can freely refund your ability points at any time so feel free to experiment with this Druid build. We tried out an elemental build for the Druid but it paled in comparison to the Sorcerer so we ultimately had to decide if we wanted a fast werewolf or a hard hitting bear. The werebear skills for this class ultimately seemed more useful to us.

That’s the Diablo 4 Best Druid build for the Open beta. We’ll update this article as soon as the level 25 cap has passed in the full game coming out this June 6, 2023.

Check out this Youtube video from The Comeback Kids showing you a different Druid build for Diablo 4.