Diablo Immortal Gains Over $100 Million Sales

You be hatin' but the numbers tell another story.

Diablo Immortal Player Count cover

New sources are now claiming that Diablo Immortal has now achieved another sales milestone despite its bad feedback from players and critics.

Diablo Immortal Sales Now Over $100 Million

A new claim from some sources reveal that Diablo Immortal has now earned over $100 million in revenue on Android and iOS alone. If PC will be added, it could be more than the number being claimed. This just means their monetization scheme works and even though there are many criticisms about it. They have actually earned tons of money with it, but it seems many are still not happy with it.

$100 Million in Weeks

The financial findings come from SensorTower, a marketing analysis website that has been gathering information about the game since it first got released to the world. The website suggests that the big success in sales is just second only to Pokemon Go, which gained $100 million in just two weeks since it appeared online. Diablo Immortal rose to those numbers by eight weeks and the third game to do this feat is Fire Emblem Heroes with 10 weeks.

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Dark Monetization Future

The claim that states Diablo Immortal was earning $1 million a day was clearly an underestimation because it was clearly more than that. Unfortunately, with the success of such a dirty monetization tactic, Blizzard might incorporate this in future games too.

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