Diablo Immortal Bug Makes Players Lose A Lot of XP

Bad microtransactions and now this.

Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife cover

There is a new Diablo Immortal bug that is making players lose a lot of XP and it seems it will not be recoverable at all.

Diablo Immortal Bug Adds to Fire

Diablo Immortal is a game riddled with controversies with microtransactions on top of that list. Now, another issue has appeared and this time it is within the game, a bug that is causing a lot of headaches for a lot of players. This is no minor issue that can be easily ignored because this is something that any player needs to avoid or else the results will be devastating. And this is actually related with the game’s Battle Pass.

Glitch Been Around a Month

According to many players, this Diablo Immortal bug has been around for almost a month already. They have complained this glitch to Blizzard since early July 2022, but it seems the dev team is still working on it as the bug endures. What happens is when players level up their Battle Pass in the game, they will see the animation that they have received the experience, but in reality the experience bar has not increased at all. This means they are losing MILLIONS of XP points instead of gaining them.

Hotfix Failed

On Reddit, the community lead for Diablo Immortal has assured the fans that Blizzard is already aware of the problem and has issued a hotfix. The have also promised that all of the XP that was lost will be awarded back to the players. Unfortunately, it seems the hotfix is still not working since after two days, there are players who are still complaining about the loss of XP. This has just added to the many controversies the game is facing right now.

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Diablo Immortal is now available on PC, iOS, and Android.