Diablo Immortal gets hit with delay amidst Activision Blizzard lawsuit

The studio is more focused on the community feedback.

The Activision Blizzard debacle has led the most beloved studio into the grinder as the lawsuit continues to be detrimental. Following the events of the resignation of Blizzard’s president, J. Allen Brack, a couple of more developers have left the company. And because of this, the mobile game based on the studio’s popular action role-playing game, Diablo Immortal, has been hit with a release delay to the first half of 2022.

According to a post on the official website, feedback from the Diablo Immortal closed alpha tests made the team over at Blizzard understand what the community wants for the game, hence they needed to push the release date to next year to refine the game’s core elements especially in PvE and PvP modes, and the endgame content to be more “engaging”.

The blog post states:

“Following feedback provided by test participants of the Closed Alpha, our team has been tuning core and endgame features. For example, we’re iterating on PvP content like the Cycle of Strife to make it more accessible, alongside late-game PvE content like the Helliquary to make it more engaging. We’re also working to provide controller support for those who want to play our game in a different way. However, these changes and additional opportunities to improve our gameplay experience will not be realized in the 2021 timeframe we had previously communicated. So, the game is now planned for release in the first half of 2022, which will allow us to add substantial improvements to the whole game.

While the controller support for Diablo Immortal is a set-in-stone feature, Blizzard is still working through the challenges they have faced with the touchscreen controls. “Your enthusiasm for wanting to play Diablo Immortal with a controller is coming; but we’re still working through the challenges of adapting the touch screen controls to a controller seamlessly. Making our game more accessible is top of mind, and we’ll share more progress on this front as we approach the Beta in the future,” according to the blog post.

Diablo Immortal is now set to launch in 2022 for mobile.