Diablo Immortal Legendary Crests Getting a Makeover

New colors and shapes!

Blizzard will be making a makeover to Diablo Immortal legendary crests soon for a very important reason.

Diablo Immortal Legendary Crests Gets Changes

According to Blizzard, the redesign of the Diablo Immortal legendary crests is to help the players differentiate them from the eternal legendary crests that can be purchased with real money. Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng responded to a post in the game’s subreddit recently saying that the team wanted to change the colors and make them different and would have various shapes as well. This is to ensure that players know exactly what they are getting when buying them.

diablo immortal legendary crests

New Colors

Based on the artwork that was provided on the subreddit, the Legendary Crest will be Orange, and the Eternal Legendary Crest will be purple. Blizzard intends to make sure that the players will be getting what they get when they make a purchase.

New Shape Purpose

The change of shape has a purpose. This is to make sure that players that are color-blind are able to differentiate the two as well.

“We did some usability tests earlier this month to ensure they can be understood clearly during normal gameplay such as when shrunk down to small sizes or for new players,” said Cheng. “In addition, we’re adding the Market Icon to the item description of the Eternal Legendary Crest to reinforce the difference.”

UI Change

A new update will introduce a change to the Elder Rift Entrance UI. It will allow players to choose which one they want to use as well as easily see how many of each they own from the entrance UI.

Diablo Immortal is now available on PC, and mobile devices.