Digimon Con Announced For Next Year 2022

The biggest celebration for all Digi fans has been announced

Bandai announced recently that on February 26th, 2022 on their Youtube Channel that they will promote a new livestream event entitled Digimon Con. The event will feature mostly Digimon content related items from model kits to games and more. The event will be available worldwide to enjoy on Youtube.

Digimon Con is the first iteration of Digimon Con seeks to be a celebration of all things Digimon, presenting a wide range of content for the enjoyment of people all over the world who love Digimon.

To be announced during the event:

  • Digimon anime special planning segment.
  • Digimon series game info segment.
  • Digimon Vital Bracelet Series new info and special app-related planning segment.
  • Announcement of the initial selection results of the Digimon Illustration Competition.
  • Special live performance by singer Ayumi Miyazaki ( known for his songs in the Digimon series)
  • Digimon TCG segment

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