Digimon Survive Possibly Delayed After Producer Gives Statement

Digimon Survive

The statement that Digimon Survive Game Producer Kazumasa “Habumon” Habu shared recently kind of hints that the game might get delayed again.

A fan from South Korea recently posted a tweet asking for some updates about the game since there was no news from the developers. Habumon then replied with a statement (translation courtesy of Siliconera):

I’m sorry for making you worry. However, we’re currently reviewing the development structure of Digimon Survive and restarting its schedule. We plan to make adjustments with all parties concerned and will have an announcement on the matter in the near future. We feel terribly sorry for those who’ve been looking forward to it, but thank you for your patience.

Just like what the statement says, they are planning to make some adjustments and restarting the schedule. With this in mind, it is definitely possible the release date will be moved to a late date.

Digimon Survive is still in development and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.