Digimon Survive Possibly Getting More Delays as Development Team Changes

More delays could be happening.

New details about upcoming video game Digimon Survive could possibly mean more delays.

It seems the development team behind the upcoming video game has been changed and that could cause for further delays of its release, which was 2022. It could still launch within this year, but later than earlier planned, or it would be worse: a couple years more.

The game has had a few delays already after it got announced in 2018. It was delayed to 2019, 2021, and now 2022. It could be delayed further with this new development from the team. Fans will have to wait for the release.

Producer Kazumasa Habu recently revealed the news of its changing developers, which now has moved from Witchraft to Hyde. The latter has development titles like Rune Factory 5, Code Realize, Root Letter, and Olympia Soiree. The good news is development is not restarting as Habu did not mention that, but there are a lot of rework that needs to be done and it will take a little longer.

To compensate for this slightly unfortunate news, Habu shared some interesting details about the game like mechanics, and features. Players will be able to control 10 units in battle and they use SP to evolve over time. There can recruit new Digimon along the way by doing some negotiation and social element. There are 12 chapters in the story, but everything after Chapter 8 will depend on the choices the players make.

There are four endings to discover with three known ones called Morality, Harmony, and Rage. The fourth one is still unknown at this time. One route costs 40 hours to beat. Completing all routes, endgame content, and more will go about 80-100 hours.

There are 113 Digimons to discover in this game and there are karma points that are influenced by dialogue and digivolutions. All evolutions, however, cannot be unlocked in just one playthrough. There is a New Game Plus, new dungeons, and equipment, some voice acting, no multiplayer, and four difficulty options: very easy, easy, normal, and difficult.

While that might have excited fans, the release window is still not final with the new info Habu shared. We will have to wait and see for the official announcement.

Digimon Surive is currently in development.