How to Get MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive

Learn how to get MetalGreymon for your team in Digimon Survive.

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MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive is a Fire Vaccine Type Digimon that is half machine making it part of the Cyborg family of Digimon. It’s rumored that this Digimon has the firepower equivalent to one nuclear warhead and can wipe out any enemy Digimon without a trace. This guide will teach you how to recruit MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive.

How to Get MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive?

There are two ways to get MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive. The first one is reaching Part 10 of the game where you can encounter and befriend this Digimon in free battles or shadow encounters. The second way to get MetalGreymon for your team is to evolve Agumon past their Champion stage and into their Ultimate forms.

If you plan to recruit MetalGreymon through free battles, this will possible if you’re at least in Part 10 of Digimon Survive. This is near the end of the game so it will take some time before you can reach this point. We’ll teach you how to befriend MetalGreymon a little further below this article.

You can get MetalGreymon for your party in Digimon Survive earlier if you evolve Agumon. Since Agumon is a partner Digimon, they will digivolve throughout the story as you progress. How Agumon will evolve depends on what Karma you have. We suggest you take the Moral path as this will make Takuma more compatible with Vaccine type Digimon. More on that with our Digimon Survive Karma System Explained article.

If you’ve already evolved Agumon past their Ultimate stage and can’t digivolve them into MetalGreymon anymore, you can still get MetalGreymon for your team. It’s possible to encounter this Digimon and recruit it for your team.

How to Recruit MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive?

You have to befriend MetalGreymon to recruit them in Digimon Survive. Once you reach Part 10 of the game, you’ll be able to encounter them in free battles or shadow encounters. You can opt to Talk with MetalGreymon where you must choose the right answers to have the best chance in recruiting MetalGreymon.

In a conversation with MetalGreymon, you’ll see a meter above their heads. This meter will tell you how much MetalGreymon likes you. It must be filled by at least 50% at the end of the conversation with the Digimon to have a chance at recruiting them.

Each answer you give MetalGreymon will fill up the meter differently. The more the meter is filled, the better the chances you’ll befriend MetalGreymon and have this Digimon agree to join your team. To get the highest chance for MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive to join you, always choose the best answer in response to their questions or statements.

Here are the questions/statements that MetalGreymon asks and the best response to them:


Best Answer

I’d like to avoid a pointless battle if possible…

There’s no such thing!

Sometimes you should act on emotion instead of logic, don’t you think?

Be true to yourself.

Is wanting quiet time to yourself such a crime?

You should go for it!

How do clouds in the sky look to you?

Makes you think, huh?

What would you do if someone told you an idea you believed in was incorrect?

Thank that person.

If your friend was off causing trouble, how would you deal with it?

I’d protect my friend.

Looking at innocent monsters really puts your heart at ease, doesn’t it?

What a gentle soul!

Despite its aggressive appearance and destructive powers, MetalGreymon is a Vaccine type Digimon. This means that Moral answers that are aligned with being good will fill up the meter more efficiently. MetalGreymon will also be more likely to join you if you’re following the path of Moral karma.

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That’s how to get MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive. We hope you found this guide to be informative. MetalGreymon isn’t the only form you can evolve to in the game, so be sure to check out our Digimon Survive Evolutions: all Digimons & their next forms article for the full list. We also have more Digimon Survive content for you.

This Youtube video from PrimeraEspada91 shows you how to recruit MetalGreymon in Digimon Survive.