Digimon Survive Players Asked to Refrain Posting Spoilers Online (Update)

Players no spoiling!

Update: New Digimon Survive Launch Trailer added.

With the launch of Digimon Survive, players are being requested by the developers to do something (well, not do something specifically) online.

Digimon Survive No Spoiling

The Twitter account of Digimon Games has recently posted a new post online and are now asking the players who are now happily playing the game with their respective platforms. They are now asking to refrain from posting story content past Chapter 5 of Digimon Survive so that everyone could enjoy the events of the game equally.

Two Months Blackout

Players are refrained to post past Chapter 5 of the game for two months after its launch. This means players will be able to freely post anything about the game starting on September 29, 2022. The devs just do not want to spoil the fun for everyone who are currently playing the game at their own pace.

Hashtag Spoilers

Of course, the dev team cannot stop everyone from posting spoilers, but they are reminding players to make sure to label them properly. If it has spoilers, they must have the words spoilers or have them as hashtags, which makes it easier for them to avoid.

Other Companies Doing the Same

Atlus has done this kind of stint for a while now especially when Persona 5 vanilla launched years ago. They even made it impossible to share screenshots of the game past a certain chapter by blocking them.

digimon survive

Digimon Survive is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.