Digimon Survive Trophy Guide and How to Get Platinum

trophy guide for Digimon Survive is here. What to expect in this game is revealed in this guide

Digimon Survive is currently on the rise as the game has recently been released for many including many Digi-fans. With so many details and gameplay revealed, there are a ton of rewards and objectives that fans will want to accomplish in the game. 

This guide will show you how to earn every Digimon Survive trophy in the game and achieve platinum.

How to Get Platinum in Digimon Survive?

To get the platinum trophy of Digimon Survive, players are required to prepare multiple save files as getting these trophies will require tons of replays. Players must unlock evolutions for various Digimon, defeat bosses, collect items, and even do numerous routes to get these trophies. As such, this will take a lot of time and effort in doing so.






Survival Master

Complete All Trophies

How to Get Golden trophies in Digimon Survive?

Previously stated, making save files, especially for those who wish to get the Master Researcher & Generation of the Future. If gamers manage to get the Truthful route, they will be one step closer to encountering all the Digimons in Digimon Survive.






Master Researcher

Encounter all monsters

Generation of the Future

Complete the Truthful route to the next generation

Sanctified Sovereign

Beat Fanglongmon Ruin Mode

How to Get Silver trophies in Digimon Survive?

There are at least 4 routes for Digimon Survive and all of them are tedious to do. Saving files, as stated, is required so that none of the players will need to make a new game to get these trophies. The ones that are easy to do among them are Beating the bosses such as Plutomon and Boltboutamon. For the Omegamon trophy, a guide will be made soon so players must tune in to Sirus gaming as a guide for getting the Holy Knight Trophy will be uploaded soon.






Holy Knight

Evolved to Omegamon

New World Order

Completed the Harmonious route

Wrathful Reckoning

Completed the Wrathful route

Birth of the Digital Monsters

Completed the Moral route

Massacred the Master!

Beat the Master

So Sorry, Sweet Aoi...

Beat Plutomon

A Brother Unredeemed

Beat Boltboutamon

Final Battle Imminent

Entered the final battle

With all the trophies listed, Digimon Survive goals are now ready for gamers worldwide as they can plan ahead what to do for the game. Stay tuned as we will upload our review on the game as we give our inside thoughts after playing the game for several hours. 

Digimon Survive is out now for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam). For more information on the game, check out the game’s official website.






Evolution Revolution

Renamon reached Mega level

Astute Recruiter

Garurumon reached Mega level

Maiden of Divine Will

Syakomon reached Mega level

Full Metal Partner

Floramon reached Mega level

Aquatic Fairy

Kunemon reached Mega level

Arboreal Goddess

Floramon reached Mega level

Upcompromising Pride

Kunemon reached Mega level

Angelic Entity

Lopmon reached Mega level

Guardian of the Skies

Falcomon reachec Mega level

Spirit Judge

Labramon reached Mega level

Majestic Malevolence

Agumon reached Mega level

Ultimate Ascension

Agumon reached Ultimate level

Item Master

Acquired 100 items while exploring

Surmounted Zhuqiaomon!

Beat Zhuqiaomon

Annihiated Azulongmon!

Beat Azulongmon

EDbonwumon defeated!

Beat Ebonwumon

Bested Baihumon!

Beat Baihumon

Returned to the Fold

Saved Miyuki

Pummeled Piedmon!

Beat Piedmon

Muzzled MegaSeadramon

Beat MegaSeadramon

Whipped Wendigomon!

Beat Wendigomon

Mashed Monzaemon!

Beat Monzaemon

Path to the Truth

Took the Truthful route

Fateful Decision

Reached a fork in the story

Evolution Revolution

Evolved a Free Monster

Crushed Cyclonemon!

Beat Cyclonemon

Axed Arukenimon!

Beat Arukenimon

Finishe Fangmon!

Beat Fangmon

First Haul

Acquired your first item while exploring

Astute Recruiter

Recruited a Free Monster

Bow to the Champion

Agumon reached Champion level

Downed Dokugumon!

Beat Dokugumon

Look at Me Now!

Agumon reached Rookie level

The Adventure Begins

Embarked on your adventure

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