Disney Speedstorm Game Modes

A look at all the available game modes in Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm Game Mode cover

Disney Speedstorm has different kinds of game modes and race modes that allow players to experience different kinds of challenges. Some of these modes provide some exclusive rewards while some will test out a racer’s mastery of the track and skills.

Read ahead as we go through the different kinds of game modes in Disney Speedstorm.

Starter Circuit

The Starter Circuit is one of the game modes that can be considered the base campaign, with courses that increase in difficulty as you progress. It also serves as a tutorial for beginner racers to learn how the controls, skills, power-ups, and other game mechanics work.

It is divided into Chapters, with each chapter focusing on one character:

  • Chapter 1: Mickey Mouse
  • Chapter 2: Donald Duck
  • Chapter 3: Goofy
  • Chapter 4: Mulan
  • Chapter 5: Hercules
  • Chapter 6: Jack Sparrow

After completing Chapter 3, Chapters 4 to 6 will be unlocked and can be taken on in any order, provided that you have unlocked the featured racer in their respective chapters.

Limited Events - Disney Speedstorm Game Mode

Limited Events

Also known as Seasonal Events, these are game modes that are mainly based on timed events and give out specific rewards for completing certain objectives. This is a good place to look for specific upgrade parts or even racer shards. These events rotate from time to time, and some of them only have limited tries.

Season Tour - Disney Speedstorm Game Mode

Season Tour

Season Tours are seasonal chapters that last for weeks. They usually focus on a collection, for example the Monsters, Inc. collection, where players can get shards and upgrade materials for time-exclusive racers. Chapters are time-gated, as not all of them will be available right away.

Each chapter in the season tour has a mystery race right before the end of the chapter that can be played twice a day. These are repeatable and have a limited amount of rewards, which usually include tons of upgrade materials and crew shards.

Ranked Multiplayer

Ranked Multiplayer is one of the game modes where players can compete against other players in a competitive setting. The goal is to accumulate multiplayer rank, or MPR, to rank up and reach higher leagues, as well as get rewards along the way.

There are a total of 10 leagues that can be attained. Once a league has been reached for a season, you will not go down from that league, but your leaderboard score and ranking will still be affected. The leagues and their MPR requirements are as follows:

  • Rookie – 0 MPR
  • Bronze – 1 MPR
  • Silver – 6 MPR
  • Gold – 11 MPR
  • Platinum – 16 MPR
  • Emerald – 21 MPR
  • Diamond – 26 MPR
  • Champion – 31 MPR
  • Grand Champion – 36 MPR
  • Ultimate Champion – 40 MPR

Each racer that you have unlocked has its own MPR. Because of this, there are two types of leaderboards: one is on a per-racer basis, and the other is for the total MPR that you have gained for all of your racers.

You can play ranked multiplayer solo or join a party of up to three.

Regulated Multiplayer - Disney Speedstorm Game Mode

Regulated Multiplayer

Regulated Multiplayer is another multiplayer mode where players will be able to compete against other players using only their driving skills and mastery of the racers and their skill set. In this mode, you can gain some exclusive cosmetics and mainly multiplayer coins that can be used to purchase items in the in-game shop. Unlike in Ranked Multiplayer, you’ll work with points instead of MPR which you can gain or lose depending on your performance.

Local Freeplay

Local Freeplay is a the mode where you can simply race through the tracks solo or play against a friend on the same console in splitscreen mode. You can set the maps, the amount of CPU opponents and difficulty, as well as the laps. No progress can be obtained while playing in this mode.

Private Track

Private Track allows you to host or join private instances of races with other players online. A maximum of 8 players can join in and it supports cross-play. Other than setting the map and the laps, some stats can be limited such as the level cap and the tier cap of the racer that can be used for the race.

Additional Disney Speedstorm Game Modes

Players can also go through different kinds of game modes in some of the nodes in the Starter Circuit or Season Tours.

Single Skill - Additional Disney Speedstorm Game Modes

Single Skill

In Single Skill, players will always get the same skill from skill pickups to see who has the mastery over that particular skill.

Floating Objects - Additional Disney Speedstorm Game Modes

Floating Objects

In Floating Objects, most of the boosts and powerups are floating higher above the race, requiring players to time their jumps in order to get them.

Boss Challenge - Additional Disney Speedstorm Game Modes

Boss Challenge

In Boss Challenge, players will get to race against the the boss who is significantly much faster and skillful than the rest of the opponents. These modes usually appear at the end of a chapter.

Fog Challenge - Additional Disney Speedstorm Game Modes

Fog Challenge

In For Challenge, players will be racing in a track that is densely covered with fog, leaving only a few meters of visibility up ahead.

Last One Standing - Additional Disney Speedstorm Game Modes

Last One Standing

In Last One Standing, players are given two drones that will protect them from a drone attack. Whoever is the last racer after a given time will be attacked and will lose a drone. Additionally, the attacked player will be sent to the front of the pack. If a player with no remaining drones is attacked, then they will be eliminated from the race. The last one to stay on the track wins.

Check out this video by GeekAlign showing the early circuits of Disney Speedstorm: