Dogtown Saints Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077

How to complete Dogtown Saints Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Should you side with Anderson and kill Nika?

Cyberpunk 2077 Dogtown Saints Gig cover

In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, Dogtown Saints Gig is one of the first gigs available where V is drafted to rescue a doctor named Anthony Anderson for Mr. Hands. The mission’s objective is to rescue Dr. Anderson, who is trapped in a building overrun by Scavs. There are multiple ways to complete this Gig but since this involves a hostage situation you may need to exercise discretion.

In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to complete the Dogtown Saints Gig the best way possible, including the crucial decision involving Nika.

Dogtown Saints Gig Walkthrough

The Dogtown Saints Gig will be available from Mr. Hands after completing the opening mission called “Spider and the Fly” for the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC. This Gig can be started by heading to the green Gig icon in front of Haven Clinic in Montaña de Oro Ave.

Dogtown Saints Gig location

Once at the location, you will receive a call from Mr. Hand who briefs you on the mission’s details and the urgency of rescuing Dr. Anthony Anderson. After the call, approach the clinic and speak with Odell Blanco.

Odell will ask you to find a way inside the Haven clinic and rescue Dr. Anderson who has locked himself inside his office. You can find the clinic above the stairs in front of the big neon cross. The issue is that the clinic itself is guarded by scavs and the front door can’t be opened unless you have 16 Body stat.

If you are unable to open the front door, approach from the left side, you can employ stealth tactics by silently neutralizing the guard near the back of a vehicle. Maintain a crouched position and head to the gate in the back left corner. Use the camera to distract the guard before incapacitating him, then proceed to enter the clinic.

Inside the clinic, confront several more enemies. Use the refrigerator to divert the attention of another guard and eliminate him quietly. Proceed through the doors, disable the cameras using a nearby computer, and equip a silenced weapon to eliminate the remaining enemies. Access the basement via the door in the back left corner. Here, a pivotal moment unfolds. You discover Nika holding Dr. Anthony Anderson at gunpoint.

Nika holding Dr. Anthony Anderson at gunpoint - Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Dogtown Saints Gig

Opening the door will force you into dialogue where you’ll have to get Dr. Anderson out unharmed. Nika is seeking information about her brother, Gaspar, who visited the clinic. Dr. Anderson, however, isn’t forthcoming about what happened to him. A tense confrontation ensues. Nika demands to see her brother, and tensions rise.

To Kill or Not to Kill Nika

Choosing to not kill Nika is the best option. She is simply looking for her brother who Dr. Anderson injected with morphine after he overdosed on drugs. Gaspar had implants that were at risk of being damaged and Anderson needed them for other patients. Nika is understandably upset and wants her brother’s corpse but the doctor wants to keep the body.

You’ll get a few dialogue options to calm Nika down. Pick the right ones to steer away from unnecessary bloodshed. Here are the dialogue choices you need to pick to spare everyone from death:

  • “Everyone chill.”
  • “Just tell her, doc.”
  • “Go help yourself.”
  • “Give Nika her brother.”

Or you could just pull out your gun as soon as you’re able and shoot Nika down. Drawing a weapon escalates the situation and Nika becomes hostile. To save Dr. Anderson, you must kill Nika. However, this path does not yield significant rewards. Players complete the mission as long as Anthony survives, regardless of Nika’s fate.

By opting for dialogue over violence, Nika’s anger subsides, preventing her from further harming Dr. Anderson. He’ll order you to talk to Odell about what happened. Use the elevator to return to the ground floor and exit the clinic, successfully concluding the Dogtown Saints Gig.

Dogtown Saints Rewards: 8,000 eddies, +1,300 XP, +167 Street Cred

Your efforts are rewarded with 8,000 Eurodollars. Shortly after leaving the clinic, Mr. Hands contacts you to confirm the completion of the Gig.

If you chose to help Nika during the Gig, you can head to the morgue to find Nika mourning her brother’s corpse. Johnny Silverhand will make an appearance and share his thoughts. Nika is a scav or at least working with them. Scavs are known to be one of the most notorious and repulsive groups in Night City. They engage in various illicit activities, including stealing and trading cyberware from other individuals, sometimes by force or even violence.

Johnny’s commentary may touch upon the irony and hypocrisy that exists within the world of Cyberpunk 2077. On one hand, Scavs condemn others for their actions while engaging in similar morally questionable practices themselves. They harvest cyberware from other people, often taking it from unwilling or deceased individuals. This stark contrast between their actions and their judgments reflects the morally complex and morally relativistic nature of the Cyberpunk universe, where even the most reprehensible groups can be victims in their own right.

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