Prototype in the Scraper Walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077

How to complete Prototype in the Scraper in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Should you let Hasan go?

Cyberpunk 2077 Prototype in the Scraper Gig

In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, Prototype in the Scraper Gig tasks you to retrieve a prototype implant and its schematics from a scav base for Mr. Hands. But things aren’t as straightforward as they seem. This Gig has multiple different endings depending on your choices.

In this guide I’ll be teaching you how to complete the Prototype in the Scraper Gig the best way possible, including the crucial decision involving Hasan.

Prototype in the Scraper Walkthrough

The Prototype in the Scraper Gig is unlocked after completing the opening mission called “Spider and the Fly” for the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC. This Gig can be started by heading to the green Gig icon at the construction site near Longshore Stacks.

Prototype in the Scraper map location

Once you’re at the Gig location, you’ll get a call from Mr. Hands. He’ll tell you about the details of the prototype you’re looking for. The problem is that the construction site itself has plenty of scavs guarding it. They even have some mounted turrets set up, a frontal assault would be difficult.

Once inside the scav den, you will encounter several enemies. It is possible to sneak your way through. If you possess 9 Tech Stat, you can open a gate just down the ramp on the right, allowing you to bypass some initial enemies. If not, you’ll have to confront the enemies head-on.

Proceed by either fighting or sneaking your way towards the back right corner of the scav den, where you’ll discover a small walkway underneath concrete with double doors on the right. Enter these doors to face more scav enemies.

Locate the elevator on the right side of the room and take it to the 24th floor, which leads to the headquarters. Expect to encounter more enemies just outside the elevator doors once you reach your destination. It’s an unfinished construction site so there’s plenty of cover and platform to keep moving around in. Eliminate them and then go about your way.

Elevator to headquarters

Descend to the lower level from the elevator and head towards the back of the base, where you’ll find an opening in the wall leading outside. Just before the hole in the wall, there’s a staircase on the right, taking you back up to the second level. Ascend the stairs and proceed through the next room. At the end of the hallway, you’ll come across a set of double doors leading to an operating room with a dead body.

At the back of that room, there’s a staircase leading to a floor below where you’ll find someone being held prisoner.

Prisoner Hasan

The prisoner introduces himself as Hasan Demir, an engineer for Zetatech. The prototype you’re sent to retrieve is in his head and he’s using that as a bargaining chip to get him out of the cell so he can show you where the schematics are. You can find the code to his prison cell at the computer terminal in the floor above under Codes & Passwords. The code to open the cell is 2753.

Prison Cell Code

Release Hasan by entering the code on the keypad to the right of the cell. After his release, follow Hasan through the scav’s base, and he will eventually provide you with the schematics and request that you lower the drawbridge, ensuring a safe escape without raising any suspicions. The switch to lower the drawbridge is just outside.

After successfully lowering the drawbridge follow Hassan across to the other side, where you’ll have a brief conversation. He’ll then disable the drawbridge to ensure you’re not being followed.

What to do with Hasan?

After crossing the drawbridge, you can engage in another dialogue with Hasan. Here, he will reveal his intentions to flee with the implant. Hasan stole the prototype and planned to sell it so he can’t go back to Zetatech or else he’s dead.

Here’s where you have to make an important decision regarding the prototype and Hasan’s fate. You can either surrender him to his employers or request Mr. Hands to help him go into hiding.

Should you Let Hasan Go?

Depending on your dialogue choices, the outcomes will be different on each of the choices below:

Help Hasan but grab the implant

Choosing to help Hasan but grab the implant is the best option. By choosing this option, you will unlock the Side Job “Go Your Own Way” which can reward you with the Iconic Pistol: Ambition. It’s a powerful pistol that has a +150% Headshot Damage multiplier with +25% Armor Penetration and can be charged to release a more powerful shot.

*It is important to note that you can’t unlock the Go Your Own Way side job if you capture him or just let him go without grabbing the implant.

Don’t just let Hasan go when he asks you to. Instead, take a seat and call your fixer. Ask Mr. Hands to let Hassan go but grab the implants. Here are the dialogue choices to achieve this outcome:

  • Prototype’s my responsibility now.
  • Calling the fixer. No fast moves.
  • Grab the implant, but let Hasan go.

This is the best outcome as Hasan gets to live, Zetatech gets their prototype, and everyone is happy. A few hours later, Hasan will contact you and ask to meet so he can thank you. Visit him at his place and he’ll give you the Iconic Pistol: Ambition.

Leave Hasan

The moment you cross the drawbridge Hasan will ask you to go. He’ll tell you that he’ll make sure that he’s superiors know you did a good job. Here’s what you can respond:

  • Fine. Watch yourself out there.

It’s unlikely that Hasan goes back to Zetatech as he’s a wanted man. However you’ll be able to deliver the schematics to the merc and the Gig concludes.

Let Hasan Go

This is another variation of choosing to leave Hasan. V will know the truth about Hasan stealing the prototype but the result is the same. Here’s the dialogue options for this outcome:

  • Prototype’s my responsibility now.
  • We never met, understood?

You’ll deliver the schematics to the merc. However, Mr. Hands notes that Zetatech isn’t happy with their missing prototype cyberware. Who cares what the corps think?

Capture Hasan

Call the fixer and send him the coordinates. This will capture Hasan and you’ll have to deliver him to the merc. Here are the dialogue options you need to pick:

  • Prototype’s my responsibility now.
  • Calling the fixer. No fast moves.
  • OK, sending the coordinates.

You’ll have to meet up with Mr. Hand’s merc to hand off the schematics or Hasan if you choose to surrender him. Regardless of what you choose from here, the Prototype in the Scraper Gig is done.

Prototype in the Scraper Rewards: 8,000 eddies, 1,355 XP

You’ll deliver both Hasan and the schematics to Mr. Hand’s merc. The job is done and everyone is happy except for the thief. As for what happens to Hasan? Maybe we’re better off not knowing.

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