Double Fine Founder Tim Schafer Shares Future Plans for Studio

After Psychonauts 2, Double Fine is back to multiple projects.

Double Fine

With the release of Psychonauts 2 drawing near (hours literally), Double Fine Founder Tim Schafer reveals that the studio is planning for their future endeavors.

The reviews of Psychonauts 2 are really high with so much praise from critics all around (check our review here) and with that, Schafer believes it is time to try out something new. He shared in an interview with media outlet that him and his team are excited to do something completely new. They want to make something “that will be completely surprising to people”.

Do not get Schafer wrong though, he enjoys doing remaster and making the Psychonauts 2 sequel, but a fresh new start might just be the thing to give them that push for new ideas.

Before the sequel to the original Psychonauts (which is actually 16 years old already), Schafer had tackled on remasters of Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle.

Aside from making a new game, Tim Schafer has also declared that the Double Fine studio will now be going back to taking on multiple projects. They are determined to do that even after the success of Psychonauts 2 and already have plans to do that. The found stated that they are not going back to being a single-project studio.