Dragon Age 4 Reportedly Releasing in Next 18 Months

We might just be getting this game next year!

A new report reveals the development of Dragon Age 4, the next Dragon Age game, is now going well. It even claims the release would be just over a year and a half.

To be exact, Dragon Age 4 might get released in the next 18 months if the report by Venturebeat Journalist Jeff Grubb is to be believed. He confirmed the development of the sequel is really going well. He also revealed the dev team has been hitting their milestones quite well and are confident of its possible planned release.

Before, there were reports talking about the 2022 release was not going to be possible since BioWare is still in deep development for the game. It was supposed to happen, but it seems they wanted more time for development.

There have been bumps along the road of development like changing of staff, reboots, the change of gameplay mechanics focusing more on single-player gameplay now, and more. With this new report though, it seems those bumps have been flattened and development is steamrolling towards 2023.

Dragon Age 4 is in development. No word on its platforms.