Dragon Age 4 Not Making an Appearance at The Game Awards 2021

BioWare recently confirmed Dragon Age 4 is still in development and tells everyone not to expect any news at the upcoming The Game Awards 2021.

The “big” announcement happened a few days ago on December 4, 2021 to start off Dragon Age Day. They revealed to everyone not wait for any news about the game until 2022, which means the upcoming TGA 2021 will not be making any surprise announcements relating to Dragon Age 4. Sorry fans, you will have to wait for next year.

On BioWare’s official blog post, the developers stated they are still “hard at work on building the next single-player focused experience for Dragon Age.” They also said they will be talking about what they are working on next year in more detail.

Aside from this update from the developers, they celebrated Dragon Age Day with the fans and even remembered when it all happened. They even knew that it all started as an unofficial celebration by the fans in the Fall of 2018 by Teresa “ImaSithDuh” M, with a small team of founders.

BioWare also shared two new short stories from the world of Dragon Age as a gift for everyone to enjoy.

Dragon Age 4 is still in development. More news coming this 2022.

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