BioWare Reveals First Look at Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4

Game studio BioWare revealed a small peek at what is coming for upcoming Dragon Age 4 or whatever it will be called later.

The video clip showcased the members of the BioWare team who were the ones developing the next Dragon Age game. It was shown as a documentary-style presentation featuring the top developers behind the art, 3D and background design, voice actors, and other important individuals.

There were a few small previews of concept art of certain characters that might have a big role in the game later on. There was little gameplay shown, but nothing noteworthy. They particularly share that the upcoming protagonist will not have any particular heritage or overpowering skills at the start and that individual will need to overcome a lot of obstacles.

Hopefully more details will be revealed later on.

Check out the teaser here courtesy of IGN: