Dragon’s Dogma 2: Oxcart Courier Quest Guide

A guide on where to find Lennart and complete the Oxcart Courier quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Oxcart Courier cover

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Oxcart Courier is a side quest where Donovan asks for help in delivering a letter from Lady Margit to Lennart in Melve. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Oxcart Courier quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to Start the Oxcart Courier quest

The Oxcart Courier quest will be available after reaching Vernworth and then having revisit Melve via an oxcart. Donovan will come up to you as you take an oxcart by the northern gate of Vernworth.

How to Complete the Oxcart Courier quest

First, talk to Donovan and he will ask for your help in delivering a letter to Lennart who is at Melve seeing that the oxcart might get stopped by bandit along the way. Accept the quest and then wait for the next oxcart bound to Melve. Donovan will give you the Letter to Ser Lennart and 200 G to pay for the fare to and from Melve.

Donovan - How to Complete the Oxcart Courier quest dd2

Make sure to complete this quest upon obtaining it as it is a timed quest that will expire after a few days.

Upon arriving at Melve, you can then find Lennart in three different areas:

  • By the well
  • In the inn or just outside it
  • Inside his house
Lennart locations in Melve - How to Complete the Oxcart Courier quest dd2
Lennart locations in Melve (mapgenie.io)

In case you encounter the Readvent of Calamity quest as you arrive in Melve, repel or kill the drake first before attempting to find Lennart.

After finding Lennart, talk to him and hand him the letter. Once done, travel back to Melve and talk to Donovan to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with the Miner’s Hosen, 300 XP, and 5,000 G.

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