Dredge Signet Ring Guide

Where can the Signet Ring be obtained and what is it for?

Dredge Signet Ring cover

The Signet Ring is one of the valuable items that can be obtained from a side pursuit in Dredge. This ring is believed to bring good luck to sailors who wear it. But it seems that this might not be the case, and it’s unclear what this signifies or how real it is.

Read ahead as we talk more about the Signet Ring, how to get it, and what it is used for in Dredge.

How to get the Signet Ring in Dredge

The Signet Ring can be obtained by successfully transporting the washed up castaway back to Little Marrow in the Castaway pursuit. The castaway will reward you with the ring as you complete the pursuit.

How to get the Signet Ring in Dredge

What is the Signet Ring for?

As of now, the Signet Ring does not have any uses other than being a valuable item that can be sold to the Trader for $90. Despite being described as an item that could bring good luck, it does not provide any buff to neither the trophy fish, the aberration catch rate, nor to any of the other stats.

Should the Signet Ring be kept or should it be sold?

The decision is ultimately up to you on whether or not to sell or keep the ring. Personally, I kept mine since I still hope that it might come in handy for something one day and its selling price isn’t that high either. Just remember that if you plan to keep it as well, make sure to not use the mass selling option in your Storage whenever you transact with the Trader to avoid accidentally selling the ring.

Check out this video by m4shup showing how to complete the Castaway pursuit in Dredge: