Dredge Walkthrough Chapter 4: The Bitter End

A complete guide covering the events for The Bitter End, the Fourth Main Pursuit of Dredge, including handy tips and tricks to use along the way

Dredge Chapter 4 The Bitter End cover

The Bitter End is the fourth chapter or pursuit in Dredge. The Fisherman now has to venture into the maze-like swampy region of the Twisted Strand, where getting lost is just the least of the concerns. Read ahead as we go through the events of Chapter 4: The Bitter End of Dredge and share some tips and tricks on how to complete the chapter.

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The Collector points you over to the Twisted Strand, which is in the northwest region of the world. It helps to have a Mangrove-type fishing line to catch the fishes residing in this area. The Twisted Strand has live vines that can block a passageway that you need to go to. If that happens, back away and wait for a few moments for them to retract. There are also Mind Suckers throughout the swamp that will make your exploration in it a bit more dangerous.

Make your way to the Rickety Pontoon, which is just by the entrance to the swamp, to make some necessary repairs or upgrades.


Airman - Dredge Chapter 4 The Bitter End Walkthrough

The Airman can be found in his camp in the middle of the swamp. He is the only survivor in his squad, and he decided to stay here to get rid of all the Mind Suckers as revenge. He asks for your help to get the parts for the mortar that he’s planning to create.

He also asks for you to retrieve any dog tags that you find, as you will be rewarded with Research Parts for them.

Mortar Parts

Mortar Parts - Dredge Chapter 4 The Bitter End Walkthrough

Take the time to review the map and its throughways and plot your course to E14 and G13, where you can find each of the mortar parts. Once you obtain both of them, head back to the Airman so that he can start on the mortar. In the meantime, he asks you to catch particular fishes that he will use to create the baits for the Mind Suckers.


Bait - Dredge Chapter 4 The Bitter End Walkthrough

You then have to prepare three different kinds of bait by catching specific fishes that can be found within the area:

  • Bait #1: x2 Gray Mullet (Coastal) and x1 Gar (Mangrove, Day)
  • Bait #2: x2 Longfin Eel (Mangrove, Night)
  • Bait #3: x1 Gray Mullet (Coastal) and x1 Catfish (Mangrove, Night)

Be careful when handling the fish, as they can rot, so it’s best if you can head back to the Airman after completing the fishes for a bait. Once you have all three baits, all you need to do next is set them up on the traps.


Traps - Dredge Chapter 4 The Bitter End Walkthrough

There are three traps throughout the swamps found at F13, E12, and F14. As you set up the bait on the trap, the Mind Sucker will then approach the trap, trigger it, and get blasted by the Airman’s mortar. Before leaving, make sure to approach the trap and get the chunk of flesh left behind. Take the chunk of flesh back to the Airman first before heading to the next traps since it takes up a lot of space.

Relic #4 – Shimmering Necklace

After obtaining the third chunk of flesh, you will find the Shimmering Necklace inside of it. You will also unlock the feature to create Mixed Bait with the help of the Airman.

Atrophy Ability

Atrophy Ability - Dredge Chapter 4 The Bitter End Walkthrough

After you give the fourth relic to The Collector, he will grant you the Atrophy ability. This allows you to instantly catch all the fish in a fishing spot without even casting your line. It has a long cooldown, and it can only be used on a single fishing spot at a time. Using Atrophy on a fishing spot also raises the chances of an aberration appearing among the catch.

Side Pursuits

Unlockable Side Pursuits - Dredge Chapter 4 The Bitter End Walkthrough

There is a new side pursuit that you can take on during this part of the story:

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