Dredge Walkthrough Chapter 5: Flames of the Deep

A complete guide covering the events for Flames of the Deep, the Fifth Main Pursuit of Dredge, including handy tips and tricks to use along the way

Dredge Chapter 5 Flames of the Deep cover

Flames of the Deep is the fifth chapter or pursuit in Dredge. The Fisherman now has to sail to the volcanic region of Devil’s Spine, a place where a previous civilization thrived and met its demise. Read ahead as we go through the events of Chapter 5: Flames of the Deep of Dredge and share some tips and tricks on how to complete the chapter.

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For the final relic, you need to sail northeast to the Devil’s Spine. As always, upgrade your fishing gear so that it can catch volcanic-type fishes, and make sure that your boat has enough horsepower to sail away from the aggressive fishes. Bring some explosives, as there will be rubble that you have to blast through in order to get to the objectives.

Piranha Fish - Dredge Chapter 5 Flames of the Deep Walkthrough

The danger that you have to be aware of in this region is the piranha-like fish that chase after your boat. They don’t do damage to your boat, but they will make it run slower. They also alert their “mother” about your location, to which it starts swimming your way; only the mother can damage your ship. The mother is also blind, so you can actually swim close to it without alerting it, as long as you don’t have one of its younglings chase you. To shake off these fishes, look for the underwater vents that are scattered in the area and swim through them, or you can also use Banish.

Make a pit stop at the Charred Pontoon so that you can get your bearings.


Fanatic - Dredge Chapter 5 Flames of the Deep Walkthrough

Head over to the Ancient Temple where you will find the Fanatic. He tells you that he has the final relic that you are looking for, but you have to fulfill your calling by bringing the three Fathomless Flames back to the temple. Afterwards, three new markers will appear on your map, showing the shrines where you can get the flames.

Fathomless Flames

On sites P12, P14, and O14, there are rock slabs that can be solved by offering the right creatures to them, as hinted by the carvings. These are the fish that are needed for each slab:

  • P12 – It requires a Spider Crab and a Squat Lobster, both of which can be caught using regular crab pots (at least 3×3) within the Devil’s Spine.
  • P14 – It requires a Pale Skate (Volcanic, Day) and a Ghost Shark (Abyssal, any time). The Pale Skates can be found near the Ancient Temple, while the Ghost Sharks are often found near the east-northeastern side of the region.
  • O14 – It requires any two aberrated fishes. You can easily get some by using the Atrophy ability on any fishing spot or a baited fishing spot as the ability raises the chances of catching aberrations.

Relic #5 – Antique Pocket Watch

Relic #5 - Antique Pocket Watch - Dredge Chapter 5 Flames of the Deep Walkthrough

Once you have collected all the flames, bring them to the Ancient Temple and the Fanatic will start the ritual. The Fanatic will then burst into flames, leaving behind the Antique Pocket Watch.

Before bringing this relic back to The Collector, be aware that you will be heading into a branching point. There are campsites that you can visit to meet the Old Mayor of Greater Marrow. Pay him a visit and talk to him if you want to unlock the good ending of the game.

Side Pursuits

Unlockable Side Pursuits - Dredge Chapter 5 Flames of the Deep Walkthrough

There are new side pursuits that you can take on during this part of the story:

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