Dredge Walkthrough Chapter 6: The Collector

A complete guide covering the events for The Collector, the Final Main Pursuit of Dredge, including handy tips and tricks to use along the way

Dredge Chapter 6 The Collector cover

The Collector is the sixth and final chapter of Dredge. With the final relic in the hands of the Fisherman, he can now fulfill The Collector’s favor. But will the reward be worth all of his efforts? Read ahead as we go through the events of Chapter 6: The Collector of Dredge and share some tips and tricks on how to complete the chapter.

On this Guide:

After obtaining the fifth relic, your next objective is to bring it back to the The Collector as usual. But as you arrive back at Blackstone Isle, you will be prompted to assume you’ll be heading into the final act of the story. It is best to pay a visit to the Old Mayor at one of these locations: F15, J3, O2, or P10, first before proceeding, as this will open up the path to an alternate ending of the game; doing so will not prevent you from experiencing the original ending.

It is recommended to experience the original ending first, then reload the game to experience the alternate ending.

Bad Ending

Bad Ending - Dredge Chapter 6 The Collector Walkthrough

Go to Blackstone Isle and talk to The Collector. Hand over the final relic to him, and he will point you to a specific location where you will have to sail. Time will then fast forward to midnight when the thick fog has rolled in. You can then go to G8 or follow the pillar of light.

Bad Ending Final Scene - Dredge Chapter 6 The Collector Walkthrough

At the destination, The Collector throws each artifact into the water, throwing the music box last. A glowing body of a woman then rises up from the depths of the water, followed by a gigantic creature full of tentacles in the far distance. The final scene then cuts to Greater Marrow, which is now in flames, suggesting that the creature has also started its course of destruction.

Good Ending

Lighthouse Keeper - Dredge Chapter 6 The Collector Walkthrough

If you have paid the Old Mayor a visit, you’ll learn that he was one of the witnesses to the tragedy that happened years ago involving a cursed book. He then tells you to talk to the Lighthouse Keeper, who will tell you more about the Crimson Book, which is the source of all the anomalies that have been happening on the islands.

Head to the Blackstone Isle to confront The Collector. Conceal the relic from him, then proceed to ask him about the Crimson Book. He will be coy to you about the book, but keep pressing him until you get the option to take the book.

The Fisherman & The Collector - Dredge Chapter 6 The Collector Walkthrough

As the Fisherman takes the book, it will be revealed that the Fisherman and the Collector have been the same person all along, just looking in the mirror every time they meet. Also, the book was always in the Fisherman’s possession, but its influence is strong enough to manipulate him, with The Collector being the side of him that always wanted to bring his dead wife back to life. This was the “promise” that the book gave, but it was all a ploy to open up a portal, as seen in the bad ending scene.

Toss the Book Back at Sea - Dredge Chapter 6 The Collector Walkthrough

It is not over yet for the Fisherman, as he has to end the cycle of the curse by tossing the book back into the sea, where it belongs. Head back to the Lighthouse Keeper, and she will tell you to sail over to G8 at midnight. You can also follow where the lighthouse is pointing its light to find the location.

Good Ending Final Scene - Dredge Chapter 6 The Collector Walkthrough

Once you arrive at the marked location, the Fisherman will throw the book into the water, ending the curse’s cycle. A large leviathan then appears and swallows the entire ship, making sure that the Fisherman, someone who was revived from death by the evil entity, was also taken out of existence.

The final scene then shows a view of Greater Marrow with a clear sky illuminated by auroras. Congratulations! You have completed Dredge!

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