Dying Light Winter Events Happening Whole Month; Hellraid Gets Free New Update

Winter festivities happening whole month!

Techland has announced the start of Dying Light Winter Events, which will last the entire month with a free new update for Hellraid.

Dying Light Nine Winter Events

There will be nine new events to Dying Light this month and these winter festivities will offer new enemies to fight and rewards to acquire. Help survivors get ready for the holidays and grab the chance to get items from paid bundles.

The winter celebrations start with two events:

The HyperMode with a reduction in fall damage, from December 9 (7:00 PM CET)

  • Local goal: To kill enemies with your bare fists.
  • Reward: The HyperArgument item from the Harran Tactical Unit bundle.

The Super Crane event, from December 16 (7:00 PM CET)

  • Local goal: To kill zombies by throwing them off the roofs.
  • Reward: The Volkatronix from the Retrowave bundle.
dying light winter events

Phase 1 will be ending on December 23, 2021 and then Phase 2 will bring a lot of surprises, new events, and a new enemy with icy elements. Techland will share more details later on.

Hellraid New Update

A new update for the Hellraid DLC is now available and it will bring new map areas and two new quests that are full of skeletons to fight. Fight through these new locations in order to stop the dark ritual

Players will be able to get this update for free if they have the Dying Light Hellraid DLC.

Dying Light is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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