Editors’ Choice: 5 Best Booths | ESGS 2017

The ESGS 2017 show floor is filled with guests, gamers, and a lot of exhibitors. With publishers like Sony, the PlayStation booth is getting the spotlight with popular titles such as NBA 2K18, Call Of Duty WWII, Gran Tursimo, and VR titles like The Inpatient and Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV.

The chill and cool Acer Predator area looks awesome with their falling snow and dry ice fog effects, and as well as the dragon-like head that was showcased in the middle just simply looks intimidating and stunning.

The event area is insanely full of gamers wanting to win raffles, play the latest demos, and experience of the biggest gaming events of the year.

Here is our editors’ pick for the best 5 booths of ESGS 2017.

5 | MSI

Aside from their auctions for the MSI gaming laptops, the MSI area gets a lot of attention due to their huge booth and its gaming stations in the middle. The upcoming MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X Trio is also showcased alongside the other high-end motherboards like their MORTAR and ARMOR models.

4 | Dead Prison

A corner booth at the far left side end of the hall that we almost overlooked because they were in the merchandise section already. The booth was originally designed to look shabby because it was supposed to depict the actual setting of the game, a dark prison cell where 4 of you try to escape hoards and waves of zombies, 3 of which are playable characters. This booth gives you a purely immersive experience as you play using virtual reality, HTC Vive, where you and your friends shoot the zombies and survive for as long as you can, where one player needs to stay alive (die and it takes 20 seconds to respawn), and if all of you die, it’s game over.

3 | Heroes Evolved

Let’s hand it off to R2Games mobile MOBA Heroes Evolved for making a very inviting booth. Strategically situated in front of the food stations, the booth has a sleek design, a square elevated platform in red and black , they have TV monitors on all 4 sides constantly replaying in-game foo0tages, and on the ground on all 4 sides as well are LED panels showcasing, in rotation, the game’s different heroes.

2 | Acer Predator

Who could possibly miss this year’s most unique looking booth complete with special effects? Acer Predator’s booth is a lengthy and very spacious one sitting obnoxiously left of the stage. They chose a very cool blue, in contrast to many of this year’s bright-colored booths, and white lights to amp the fake snow and dry ice. They have several gaming laptops and rigs for convention goers to test out and they also suspended LED panels showcasing the games being played on those rigs.

1 | PlayStation

This year’s PlayStation booth is spectacular. With 12 games showcased including VR titles, the game booths were amazingly organized pretty much looking like an e-Sports area with huge backdrops showcasing the games especially Call Of Duty: WWII, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and NBA 2K18 as the main attraction for PlayStation Asia’s area.

Coupled with exciting upcoming titles such as Dragonball FighterZ, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the PSVR titles The Inpatient and the others, and as well as released titles like The Evil Within 2 and Gran Turismo Sport.

PlayStation Asia’s booth this year is enormous and we’re glad to give the top spot to them this year.