Elden Ring Biggest Innovations Include Open World, Map and More

New details from the developers.

From Software recently shared details with Sony Interactive Entertainment about the Elden Ring biggest innovations.

SIE Content Communications Manager Tim Turi talked with From Software to get some hot details about the big innovations that they added with this upcoming new Souls game. The earlier trailers may have hinted of these changes, but this run-down revealed specific details about them.

There are many familiar features that come from the Souls series and have been incorporated to Elden Ring. Fans will quickly notice the tough bosses that offers the biggest challenges for any Souls player with its wide and entrancing attack animations, but one-shots anyone who gets hit and the patterns that they must learn to avoid those dangerous moves. There are also the common enemies that will murder you even if they are low-level soldiers.

Backstabs and parries are back again in Elden Ring including block, roll, and backstab movements. Players must memorize these in order to survive an attack. The combat and targeting is still the same, which is actually the meat of the game. Locking onto enemies and cycling through other targets is most important to survive multiple attacks. Lastly, leveling up is important in order to have higher stats and overwhelm lower level enemies that might damage you along the way to the enemy boss.

The new innovations added to Elden Ring include the Guidance of Grace, which hints players where to look next. It has these shimmering trails of light that can lead to some very interesting or dangerous areas that can offer some handsome rewards.

The game is open world with many powerful enemies along the way, hidden treasures to find, side dungeons to full explore, and many more points of interest to discover. The best advantage for exploring is the unlimited stamina outside combat, which makes it easier for adventuring. Speaking of open world, there is now a map to use, which is an important tool for exploration. Collect the map fragments to fill the terrain in the map and fast travel to Sites of Grace when needed except inside dungeons.

Players can now jump in the field and use a jump attack to deflect enemy shields. Fall damage has been reduced as well compared to previous Souls games that can cause instant death with enough distance. Here, your character can withstand heights and almost have no damage at all. There is also a day and night cycle where the sights change, the weather could change, and a different set of enemies could appear.

Players can now craft items from resources and flora they collect from the environment. They can make them into useful items that can be used in battle. They can be combined to make a bomb or throwing knives, depending on the materials.

Side dungeons are dangerous if players are not prepared, but if they fully explore it and defeat the final boss, the rewards are a lot. They can then use a warp point to return them to the dungeon entrance for easy exit.

Players can recharge their flasks by defeating enemy groups. It is some kind of incentive for them after defeating numerous foes in combat. They can always recharge them at a Site of Grace, but this can be a good challenge for them. They can also summon their mounts whenever they want. Careful though, they can get hurt and will need to be resurrected with the Flask of Crimson Tears.

Helping one another can gain players rewards. By doing cooperative rune gathering, players who help others will be able to transfer their collected Runes back to their main game when they are done with co-op. The only want to summon their friends is via these summoning pools, which are found scattered around the Lands Between.

The Flask of Wondrous Physick can make various types of concoctions with different unique effects. It can heal health points, but it can also grant temporary stamina, speed, power, and more. It all depends on the materials used. Ashes of War can be collected and used to imbue various types of effects on weapons like elements or additional abilities like summoning a magical blade. Spirits can be summoned to help players in mid-battle and they have various abilities.

Running away is the best tactic in case players get overwhelmed. In Elden Ring, there are more ways to do that now since it is open world. Dungeon enemies and bosses will be difficult to escape from though. Just like from the previous trailer, hijacking caravans can offer some generous rewards. Clear the guards out and claim the riches inside.

That is all of the new information that the blog post shared. Check out our guide for all the other information we have gathered like the release date, beta, and more.

Elden Ring launches February 25, 2022.

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