Elden Ring – Release Date, Beta, Gameplay and Everything We Know So Far

Cross Platform Details, Difficulty, Map Size, Gameplay Details, Classes, and so much more!

Elden Ring Cover Image

After Elden Ring was revealed during E3 2019 it mysteriously disappeared without any notices for the next year. We had heard nothing of what’s become of the game during 2020 and it isn’t hard to see why considering the pandemic probably placed a damper on FromSoftware plans. While it wasn’t cancelled, we were all kept in the darkness for so long.

Well, no longer!

Details on Elden Ring have finally surfaced and we have a concrete release date as well as new gameplay footage. While it won’t be releasing this 2021, it is scheduled for release next year 2022. And we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

FromSoftware has released quite a bit of details regarding Elden Ring. We got a good picture of what kind of game we’re getting. And this game is coming soon just a few months from now!

Elden Ring Release Date

Elden Ring is coming out on February 25, 2022. Initially expected to be released for January 2022, FromSoftware did announce a short delay on October 2021 due to “strategic freedom” surpassing their expectations.

A month’s worth delay isn’t too long all things considered. It’s only a few more months away.

Is Elden Ring coming to PC?

Yes, Elden Ring is coming to PC. The game is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on the same day, February 25, 2022.

Can you buy Elden ring on Steam?

Yes, you can pre-order the Elden Ring digital edition on Steam for $59.99. Pre-ordering Elden Ring gets you a digital adventure guide with “useful information to help players as they enter The Lands Between” and an early unlock of an unspecified gesture. The Digital Deluxe Edition adds a digital art book and soundtrack for $79.99.

The physical copy of Elden Ring PC Edition, is also a Steam code-in-box.

Is Elden Ring cross platform?

It’s possible that PC owners will not be able to see their console counterparts in the Lands Between because no official announcement has been made. The same holds true for Xbox and PlayStation gamers who want to expand their gaming horizons.

Elden Ring appears to have a limited amount of cross-platform support, as far as the closed beta is concerned. In Elden Ring’s closed network test, there will be cross-generational play, but no cross-platform play at all. In the PS5 beta, you can play with other PS5 and PS4 players, but not with those on Xbox systems.

Elden Ring will most likely be enjoyed by PS4 with PS5 owners, as well as Xbox Series X/S with Xbox One users. When it launches, we expect it to be exactly as it is now.

As soon as we learn more about cross-platform support for Elden Ring, this article will be updated with the information.

Is Elden Ring available on Xbox Game Pass?

While we wait for the game’s release date, we will update you regarding Elden Ring’s Xbox Game Pass availability.

Elden Ring Collector’s Edition

There are two Collector’s Edition that are available for pre-order; the Premium Collector’s Edition and the Launch Edition which will come with their own set of collectibles. You will receive certain bonuses for pre-ordering the game itself.

Read more about the Elden Ring Collector’s Editions:

Elden Ring Map Size

It is still unknown what’s the exact size of the game’s explorable world will be. But Miyazaki has described that it will be “ripe for exploration”. This means that Elden Ring is quite sizable in nature.

Elden Ring will have six main areas in the world each under the domain of a demigod. Each area has its own bosses and dungeons to tackle. The areas in Elden Ring are lined up in a way that they can be tackled in a specific order. However it’s entirely up to the player to choose to follow this route. There’s an incredible degree of freedom to explore that is entirely up to the whims of the players. Fast travel will also be made available for those seeking to get through areas faster without backtracking.

The world also has its own weather and time system. You’ll see the day getting darker as you progress and raindrops starting to fall. As you journey through the world, you’ll find new weapons, new spells, and spirit summons which encourages you to go out and explore.

elden ring world

If you’re wondering if there will be towns you can visit that is filled with NPC, Miyazaki has confirmed this won’t be the case. According to him, adding towns would be too much considering they’re tackling a new type of game. As Miyazaki states:

“If we would add towns on top of that it would become a bit too much. So we decided to create an open world style game focused on what we are best at.”

Is Elden Ring an MMO?

No, Elden Ring is an Action RPG. Elden Ring comes from the same team behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne, FromSoftware. We will be able to play online multiplayer for up to 4 players in Elden Ring.

For those who are confused, the difference between both is, a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game(MMORPG) is when a very large number of people participate simultaneously in the game, whereas an RPG is when players assume the roles of fictional characters in a role-playing game (RPG), in which case Elden Ring has online features that can support up to 4 players for co-op mode.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Details

Since Elden Ring features multiplayer, you can co-op with up to four players in a party. Like other Souls games, your friends will appear as phantoms to assist you. There may be a downside to partnering up with your friends. Depending on the decision from the developers, this will allow hostile players to invade your session. Players who are playing alone might be safe from invasions.

Invasions aren’t a final decision yet as confirmed by FromSoftware so this may be subject to change. We’ll have to wait and see for their final say.

Elden Ring Difficulty

If you’ve been put off by the difficulty of Soulslike games in the past, you’ll be glad to know that Elden Ring has a number of thoughtful features to lend a hand. Players who are used to playing From Software’s classic games need not fear: Elden Ring retains the challenge you’ve come to expect from the formula while adding a few new elements to make the experience more enjoyable for newcomers and more compatible with an open-world setting.

Elden Ring has been stated by Miyazaki to be at least as difficult as Dark Soul 3 but in a way that’s more approachable to newer players. FromSoftware is seeking to make Elden Ring more accessible to newcomers with the game’s marketing director that Elden Ring was designed with all sorts of players in mind and not just veterans.

Elden Ring Gameplay

From the gameplay trailer that was released we can be positive that Elden Ring is a Souls game; a specialty of FromSoftware considering they’re the creators of said genre. Elden Ring will feature an open world environment filled with monsters that allows for player exploration.

It appears that Elden Ring is more closer to Dark Souls than any of FromSoftware’s other works.

Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer

From the gameplay preview, we can see that Elden Ring is an action RPG fans of FromSoftware are all well acquainted with. If you’re familiar with Dark Souls, then you’ll recognize the same song and dance Elden Ring’s gameplay offers with its dodge rolling, gigantic bosses, spellcasting, and etc. The animations are very familiar and nostalgic.

The stamina system will be returning from FromSoftware’s previous works, although less restrictive this time around. A statement from the developers mentions this, “The stamina bar exists in Elden Ring but we feel it has less influence on the player overall; we wanted to make it feel less restrictive.”

Elden Ring Gameplay Features

While there is familiarity with content from Dark Souls, Elden Ring does spice things up by doing a few things differently.

Mounted Combat

From what we can see, players can ride their trusty steed and take them alongside to battle. On horseback, traveling is much easier and faster. Players can also seem to summon their horses anytime at will.

After completing the optional tutorial, you’ll find yourself in the open world of Limgrave – from here, you can go pretty much anywhere. Visit a Site of Grace – a type of bonfire in Elden Ring – that you can use for fast travel points. It’s the first Soulslike game to feature a map. Melina, who offers to play the role of a Finger Maiden, apparently beings who serve the Two Fingers, will visit you after you touch grace at three separate locations and then rest at the third. For all intents and purposes, this means that Melina is your go-to person for leveling up, trading runes for stat upgrades and educating you about the world’s history along the way. You can think of her as a kind of leveling up companion who will teach you about the history of the world as you travel around with her, all while trading runes for buffs to your stats.

To summon your horse/cow named Torrent, Melina will give you the spectral Steed Whistle. Torrent can take damage and die, but he will reappear once you rest at a Site of Grace if you choose to fight while mounted. A health flask may be sacrificed if you are in desperate need of their assistance and need them back in the fight right away. The double jump ability of your trusty steed comes in handy when exploring or escaping from certain enemies. You’ll definitely want to get Torrent unlocked as soon as possible, as it will greatly speed up your travels in the open world.

Light Stealth Elements

Stealth is a confirmed element of the game, but so far according to FromSoftware this won’t be a heavy part of the game.

Bigger Summons With More Freedom

Summons are back and bigger than ever. Like previous works from FromSoftware, players can summon friendly characters to assist them in battle. This time around, summoning seems to have more freedom in comparison to FromSoftware’s previous games.

Elden Ring also features reusable NPC Spirit Summons, which can be obtained by exploring the world and gathering them. A glowing tombstone-like icon on the left side of your screen can summon these summons at any time, but they cannot be used while in or searching for a multiplayer session. There are Spirit Summons, a stand-in for NPC summons from previous FromSoftware games, and an offline alternative to calling for assistance in online multiplayer. In the closed network test, you can summon three lone wolves for distraction, while the sorcerer can stand back and inflict magic damage from afar.

According to Miyazaki we could summon creatures to aid us in battle; creatures that would otherwise be encountered as enemies in the game. In his interview with IGN he mentions, “And these spirit summons--we feel like--as well as there being a large variety to them, they’re a nice collectable hidden element within the game world to discover and to equip as you go; they offer a lot of different strategic options, but also the player might find that they just like a certain enemy tagging along with them--a certain summon pleases them aesthetically. So there’s a lot of strategic and a lot of personal touch to these summons.”

The summon of a Spirit Jellyfish, which can be a game changer in one particularly difficult boss fight, can be found by doing some exploration.

More Freedom In Weapon Choice

Players will find that they have less restrictions in creating their builds. You won’t be restricted much by your weapon choices anymore. Miyazaki comments on this, “Before, where there was a certain skill attached to a certain weapon, now you’re actually able to freely interchange skills between a large variety of weapons.”

In Elden Ring there are around a hundred skills in total. You can combine different skills with different weapons so you can build your character freely. You’re also able to combine it with your magic. All of this provides for a rich and varied builds in comparison to anything FromSoftware’s made before.

Elden Ring Network Test Details

Elden Ring will have a Network Test on November 12, 2021. The invites will only be given to selected players by Bandai Namco. Players lucky enough to get the invite will be granted the chance to play the game for three hours.

How To Sign Up For Elden Ring Network Test

Unfortunately if you want to sign up for the Elden Ring Network Test, Bandai Namco have already closed applications since November 1. However FromSoftware might conduct more tests soon so be sure to watch out for those.

Elden Ring Network Test Schedules

There will be a total of five Network Tests from November 12 to November 15. While players won’t get access to the full game, they’ll be able to play among the five announced classes for Elden Ring.

  • Friday, November 12: 3am – 6am PT / 6am – 9am ET / 11am – 2pm GMT
  • Friday, November 12: 7pm – 10pm PT / 10pm – 1am ET (Nov 13) / 3am – 6am (Nov 13) GMT
  • Saturday, November 13: 11am – 2pm PT / 2pm – 5pm ET / 7pm – 10pm GMT
  • Sunday, November 14: 3pm – 6pm PT / 6pm – 9pm ET / 11pm – 2am (Nov 15) GMT
  • Sunday, November 14: 7pm – 10pm PT / 10pm – 1am (Nov 15) ET / 3am – 6am (Nov 15) GMT

Elden Ring All Classes

Elden Ring has already revealed five classes in a tweet with more to come as we move further closer to its release date. The five classes announced are the Warrior, Enchanted Knight, Prophet, Champion and Bloody Wolf.

Read More:

Each class looks like it has its own specialization. With the typical Warrior class and the Champion being your most physical while Prophet focuses more on magic. The Enchanted Knight might be a favorite pick as it blends the two together. The Bloody Wolf being the most mysterious of the bunch as to what it can do.

Elden Ring Performance: Frame Rate and Resolution

The Elden Ring has been confirmed to be locked at 60FPS for both consoles and PC. 4K resolutions are available for next generation consoles except for the Xbox Series S which will not feature ray-tracing support.

We suspect that FromSoftware capped the frame rate at 60FPS for PC players as going beyond might cause issues with the gameplay, specifically when it comes to registering hitboxes. But depending on your hardware, you may play the game with ray-tracing.

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Elden Ring Story

Elden Ring is co-written by none other than George RR Martin himself. He got involved with the project as Miyazaki was a big fan of his works. Elden Ring tells the story of the Tarnished whom are exiled from the Lands Between. In the game, you play as one of the Tarnished who set out to reclaim their lost grace.

Miyazaki describes the game:

“The world of Elden Ring; The Lands Between are blessed by the presence of the Elden Ring and by the Erdtree, which symbolizes its presence, and this has given grace or blessing to the people throughout the land, great and small. What this represented in them is this sort of golden light, or this golden aura, that’s specifically shown in their eyes. And this symbolizes the blessing or the grace of the Erdtree. However, after a time, there were some individuals who lost this grace, and the light faded from their eyes. And these are what are known as the Tarnished.”

After an event that shatters the Elden Ring, the once lost grace has returned and presents an opportunity for the Tarnished to go back to the Lands Between. This is the starting point of the game.

In contrast to FromSoftware’s usual hands-off approach when it comes to story telling and characters, Elden Ring will follow a more Sekiro approach by featuring a clear plot and good amount of character focus. This is mostly thanks to George RR Martin’s contribution to the game.

How Long is Elden Ring?

While unsure on how long it takes to beat Elden Ring , Miyazaki estimates that the main campaign alone would take around 30 hours to complete. This rough estimation doesn’t take any optional content into equation. The game will most likely take a lot more time to beat.