Embracer Has Confirmed Change of Studios for AAA Game Possibly the “Troubled” Remake

It's obvious what Embracer Group is hinting at.

One AAA project has had a change of studios and was officially confirmed by the Embracer Group. Some speculate it is one of those remakes that they were going to publish.

The one game that had a troubling development was rumored to be a very aspiring remake, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. There was a previous report that said that it was going to be delayed indefinitely and the one who developed it, Aspyr, fired some staff due to that trouble.

Today, Embracer confirmed that a AAA project has now transitioned to another studio within the group. Aspyr is under the Embracer Group, they were working on the KOTOR remake, add those two together and you could guess which game was getting another studio.

While Embracer has not named the game or the studio, it was clear which ones were getting the “overhaul”. According to the company, the reason for the change was to ensure “the quality bar is where we need it to be for the title.”

“We are not expecting any material delays for the title based on this transition,” continued Group CEO Lars Wingefors in the latest Embracer Group interim report. This is opposite to the previous report about KOTOR remake getting delayed due to the troubled development. It seems everything is still on track.

star wars knights of the old republic remake embracer group

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake is still in development.