Enshrouded: How to Get Athanor

A guide on how to obtain Athanor in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Athanor cover

Athanor is a workshop component in Enshrouded used for creating the Laboratory. Reach ahead as we share the steps on how to obtain Athanor in Enshrouded.

How to Get Athanor in Enshrouded

To obtain the Athanor, you must first complete the A Cauldron for the Alchemist quest from the Alchemist to gain access to the Alchemy Station.

Enshrouded A Cauldron for the Alchemist quest: How to Get Athanor

This quest will have you travel to the Cradle of Dusk and defeat the Fell Monstrosity to obtain the Black Cauldron, as indicated on the map below:

Enshrouded Fell Monstrosity Location: How to Get Athanor
Fell Monstrosity Location: Within the Cradle of Dust (mapgenie.io)

Talk to the Alchemist to craft the Alchemy Station using the following materials:

  • x20 Fired Bricks
  • x6 Wood Planks
  • x10 Nails
  • x3 Wood Logs
  • x5 Copper Bars
  • x1 Black Cauldron

Once crafted, place the Alchemy Station on your base. From it, you can start crafting the Athanor.

How to craft the Athanor

Enshrouded craft the Athanor

The resources needed to craft the Athanor are:

  • x10 Glass
  • x10 Bronze Bars
  • x5 Lump of Clay

You will only ever need to craft one Athanor for a single Laboratory unless you wish to have multiple laboratories in a world. The recipe for Athanor only unlocks once you obtain Sand which can be processed into Glass, one of the crafting materials necessary to craft Athanor.

Complete the Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory quest

Scientific Instrument Location: Within the Eldermere Dam Excavation Camp (mapgenie.io)

Athanor only becomes relevant after completing the Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory quest where you will need to recover the Scientific Instruments from the Eldermere Dam Excavation Camp.

Once the Scientific Instruments have been obtained, talk to the Alchemist once again to craft the Laboratory using the following materials:

  • x1 Scientific Instruments
  • x1 Athanor
  • x40 Fired Brick
  • x10 Copper Bars
  • x3 Glass

The Laboratory is the most advanced workshop under the Alchemist where higher tier spells and materials can be crafted from.