Enshrouded: How to Get Fired Brick

A guide on how to obtain and use Fired Bricks in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Fired Brick cover

Fired Brick is a crafting material in Enshrouded used for workshops, furniture, and structures. Read ahead as we share how to create Fired Bricks in Enshrouded.

How to Get Fired Brick in Enshrouded

How to Get Fired Brick in Enshrouded: Rescue the Carpenter
Rescue the Carpenter Location (mapgenie.io)

In order to craft Fired Bricks, you must first rescue the Carpenter from the Ancient Vault and then craft the Kiln. The recipe for the Fired Bricks will automatically be available within the Kiln’s menu.

Craft Fired Bricks

Enshrouded Craft Fired Bricks

Fired Bricks can be crafted from the Kiln using the following resources:

Fired Brick Uses

ItemTypeMaterial needed
SmelterWorkshopx50 Fired Brick
x1 Crucible
Alchemy StationWorkshopx20 Fired Brick
x6 Wood Planks
x10 Nails
x3 Wood Logs
x5 Copper Bars
x1 Black Cauldron
LaboratoryWorkshopx1 Scientific Instruments
x1 Athanor
x40 Fired Bricks
x10 Copper Bars
x3 Glass
OvenWorkshopx20 Fired Bricks
x5 Lump of Clay
x5 Metal Sheets
Brick FireplaceFurniturex5 Bronze Bars
x20 Fired Bricks
Clay FireplaceFurniturex4 Lump of Clay
x4 Wood Logs
x10 Fired Bricks
Fired Bricks BlockBlockx10 Fired Bricks
Roof Tiles BlockRoofx4 Fired Bricks
x1 Lump of Clay
x1 Plant Fiber