Enshrouded: How to Get Clay

A guide on where to obtain and use Clay in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Clay cover

Clay is a crafting resource in Enshrouded used to create structures, furniture, and decoration to be used inside a base. Read ahead as we share where and how to find Clay in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Clay Location

Clay can immediately be found behind a small house near the Ancient Spire in Springlands, not far from where players start the game. Clay deposits are common around the Revelwood Forest as indicated on the map below, and can be easily spotted even from afar, thanks to its orange color.

Enshrouded Clay Location Map
Clay Locations: Clay deposits within the Revelwood region (mapgenie.io)

From the Revelwood Ancient Spire, face west and glide towards the forest below where you can immediately see patches of clay from the air.

Clay deposits in Enshrouded
Clay deposits in Enshrouded.

Players can mine lumps of clay using a pickaxe, and clay replenishes over time. Once mined, it appears as a Lump of Clay in the inventory and it can stack up to 50 per slot.

Clay Uses in Enshrouded

Clay Uses in Enshrouded

Clay is a material used for many decorations and furniture. It can also be further processed in a Kiln to produce Fired Bricks, with one Fired Brick needing x1 Lump of Clay, x1 Wood Log, and 30 seconds to make.

ItemTypeMaterial needed
CrucibleStationx5 Sand
x3 Lump of Clay
x3 Dirt
AthanorStationx10 Glass
x10 Bronze Bar
x5 Lump of Clay
MortarStationx5 Sand
x10 Lump of Clay
x3 Sulfur
x2 Nitrate
x5 Charcoal
Honey BeehiveStationx4 Wood Logs
x20 Straw
x4 Lump of Clay
OvenStationx20 Fired Bricks
x5 Lump of Clay
x5 Metal Sheets
Beehive SmokerStationx2 Sand
x3 Lump of Clay
x3 String
KilnStationx50 Stone
x10 Lump of Clay
x10 Metal Scraps
x2 Twigs
Tanning StationStationx10 Wood Planks
x4 Nails
x10 Lump of Clay
x10 Tar
Clay FireplaceFurniturex4 Lump of Clay
x4 Wood Logs
x10 Fired Bricks
LampDecorationx1 Sand
x2 Lump of Clay
x1 Wood Logs
Clay PlatterDecorationx1 Wood Logs
x1 Lump of Clay
Clay CupDecorationx1 Wood Logs
x1 Lump of Clay
Clay JugDecorationx1 Wood Logs
x1 Lump of Clay
Clay BowlDecorationx1 Wood Logs
x1 Lump of Clay
Bembel PitcherDecorationx2 Plant Fiber
x2 Lump of Clay
x2 Indigo Plant
Half-Timbered BlockStructurex10 Lump of Clay
x5 Wood Logs
Refined Sandstone BlockStructurex10 Sandstone
x2 Sand
x2 Lump of Clay
x1 Indigo Plant
Regular Sandstone BlockStructurex10 Sandstone
x2 Lump of Clay
Roof Tiles BlockStructurex4 Fired Brick
x1 Lump of Clay
x1 Plant Fiber
Explosive Powder GrenadeThrowablex1 Plant Fiber
x1 Iron Bar
x2 Black Powder
x1 Lump of Clay