Enshrouded: How to Get Fossilized Bone

Best Locations and How to Farm Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Fossilized Bone cover

In Enshrouded, Fossilized Bone is a resource material used in crafting late-game gear and some production stations. Fossilized Bones are essential resources found exclusively within the desert regions, particularly from giant skeletons. Read ahead as we share how and where to get Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Fossilized Bone Location

Fossilized Bones can be mined from the large skeleton fossils in desert areas, these are large ribcage structures that are found in certain spots in Embervale as indicated on the map below:

Enshrouded Fossilized Bone Location Map
Enshrouded Fossilized Bone Locations (mapgenie.io)
  1. Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire: this is the one that is easiest to access just north of Umber Hollow.
  2. East of the Pillars of Creation: To reach the Pillars of Creation, players need to climb the mountain north of the Low Meadows Ancient Spire, which is east of the Cinder Vault. In this area, you can farm the fossilized bones just north of an outpost where players are tasked to investigate The Strange Letter for The Blacksmith’s Request mission.
  3. Southeast of Umber Hollow.
  4. Northwest of the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire.
  5. South of the Kindlewastes Tower.
Enshrouded Fossilized Bone Location: East of the Pillars of Creation
Location #2: East of the Pillars of Creation (investigate The Strange Letter for The Blacksmith’s Request mission)

These giant skeletons are massive enough to be easily spotted on the map. Like with other resources, you can farm fossilized bones fast as these fossils respawn or regenerate after logging out and logging back into the game as long as they are not within the area of a claimed base.

How to get Fossilized Bone and its uses

Fossilized Bone can be mined using a pickaxe. It can be used for crafting the following items, and certain late-game gear as well as some stations:

Spinning WheelStationx2 Wood Logs
x2 Wood Planks
x3 Fossilized Bone
x2 Bronze Bar
x5 Nails
Hand SpindleStationx3 Fossilized Bone
x4 Wood Planks
LoomStationx5 Wood Logs
x10 Wood Planks
x5 Fossilized Bone
x1 Bronze Bar
x30 Linen
x20 Nails
Fossilized Bone ArrowAmmox20 Twigs
x5 Fossilized Bone
x5 Feather
Eternal Chain HealSpell Chargex10 Antiseptic
x10 Tin Bar
x10 Fossilized Bone
x10 Charcoal
Warlock BootsGearx4 Fossilized Bone
x2 Padding
x3 Charcoal
x1 Iron Bar
Archmage ChestGearx6 Lapislazuli
x2 Padding
x3 Fossilized Bone
x7 Yellow Fabric
Archmage GlovesGearx2 Lapislazuli
x2 Padding
x2 Fossilized Bone
x2 Yellow Fabric
Sage TunicGearx3 Lapislazuli
x4 Padding
x3 Fossilized Bone
x4 Yellow Fabric
Sage GlovesGearx10 Lapislazuli
x2 Bronze Bar
x2 Fossilized Bone
Magician ChestGearx10 Linen
x5 Mint Mushroom Meat
x10 Torn Cloth
x5 Fossilized Bone
Herbalist HeadwrapGearx2 Linen
x2 Leather
x2 Fossilized Bone
Herbalist TunicGearx10 Linen
x1 Bronze Bar
x4 Leather
x5 Fossilized Bone
x2 Charcoal
Herbalist GlovesGearx6 Linen
x2 Leather
x4 Fossilized Bone
Herbalist PantsGearx6 Linen
x4 Leather
x3 Fossilized Bone
Hunter VestGearx12 Leather
x5 Fossilized Bone
x8 Resin
x8 Mint Mushroom Meat

You can also take the fossilized bones to a grinding wheel and convert them into Fossilized Bone Dust which has other uses of its own. Additionally, the Alchemist required Fossilized Bones to craft essential Eternal Spell Charges. Eternal Spells are a type of spell in Enshrouded that lets players cast spells without ever having to run out of charges, making it a resource-efficient option for magic-wielders in the game.