Enshrouded: Eternal Spells and How to Get Them

A guide on how to get all Eternal Spells in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Eternal Spells cover

Eternal Spells are a type of spell in Enshrouded which lets players cast spells without ever having to run out of charges, making it a resource-efficient option for magic-wielders in the game. Read ahead as we go through all of the Eternal Spells in Enshrouded and talk about how to obtain them.

All Eternal Spells in Enshrouded

Enshrouded - All Eternal Spells

There are a total of six Eternal Spells, four of which are offensive spells while the other two are healing spells:

  • Eternal Ice Bolt
  • Eternal Fireball
  • Eternal Light Burst
  • Eternal Acid Bite
  • Eternal Chain Heal
  • Eternal Heal Channel

All of these Eternal Spells can be crafted from the Alchemist once their respective recipes have been unlocked, which usually involve obtaining the necessary stations to make them: A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist for the Alchemy Station, and Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory for the Laboratory.

Eternal Spells can be casted from a staff indefinitely, in contrast to how the non-Eternal variants require spell charges to be casted. However, the drawback to using Eternal Spells is that they are weaker than most of the strongest non-Eternal spells and consume larger amounts of mana. Despite this, Eternal Spells are still worth to obtain due to their resource efficiency which saves players from the effort of farming resources to keep casting spells.

An Eternal Spell Quest Walkthrough

An Eternal Spell is one of the Alchemist’s quests and it is the earliest way to obtain an Eternal Spell. To complete this quest, make sure to upgrade the Flame to level 2 in order to safely go through the shrouded area where the spell is at.

Head over to the Low Meadows Ancient Spire, then glide down north towards the quest marker. You will then arrive at a Buried Tomb Entry.

Go down the buried tomb and fight off the enemies in it. At the very end of the tomb is a coffin that contains the Eternal Ice Bolt, though this particular spell is a weaker variant (35 Dmg).

All Eternal Spell Recipes and Stats

Eternal Spells can be crafted from the Alchemist and can be casted by any staff-type weapon.

Eternal SpellMaterialsStation RequirementDamageHealingMana CostCasting Time
Eternal Ice Boltx30 Fossilized Bone Dust
x10 Water
x20 Ammonia Gland
Alchemy Station79921.0s
Eternal Fireballx30 Charcoal
x3 Bronze Bars
x50 Amber
Alchemy Station114942.0s
Eternal Light Burstx5 Iron Bars
x10 Charcoal
x30 Sulfur
x20 Flintstone
Eternal Acid Bitex20 Glass
x10 Charcoal
x30 Sulfur
x20 Ammonia Gland
x20 Poison Sack
Eternal Chain Healx10 Antiseptic
x10 Tin Bars
x10 Fossilized Bone
x10 Charcoal
Alchemy Station35191.2s
Eternal Heal Channelx50 Lapislazuli
x10 Aloe
x10 Chamomile Tea
x10 Sage Leaves
Alchemy Station43211.0s