Enshrouded: How to Get Poison Sack

A guide on how to find Poison Sacks in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Poison Sack cover

Poison Sacks are a crafting material in Enshrouded that are primarily used for ammo and spells meant to inflict poison to targets, one of which is a spell strong enough to deal with bosses quickly. Read ahead as we share how and where to obtain Poison Sacks in Enshrouded.

Poison Sacks Location

Poison Sack Locations: Mushroom Walker and Orange Spitting Flower within the Revelwood region (mapgenie.io)

Poison Sacks drop from two kinds of creatures that can be found within the region of Revelwood, at the west part of Embervale. Taking the Springlands Ancient Spire and heading north is an early way to get to the area, or the Revelwood Ancient Spire heading south could also be taken.

Obtaining Poison Sacks

Enshrouded Poison Sacks from creatures

The first kind of creature that Poison Sacks can be obtained from are the green walking mushrooms. They are docile and would run away from any threat until they are attacked. They have green sacs on their body which can be hit to get an extra piece of Poison Sack. Be careful when hunting it as it explodes into a poisonous gas that lingers for a few seconds once it dies. Wait for the gas to dissipate before looting its corpse.

Obtaining Poison Sacks in Enshrouded

Another type of creature where Poison Sacks can be obtained from are the orange spitting flowers. These flowers spit out orange goo that will continuously sap your health for a few seconds when hit. Wait for them to stop spitting before going in and slashing it, or use a ranged weapon against it from afar. Its base can be inspected to loot its Poison Sack.

Poison Sack Uses

Poison Sack Uses in Enshrouded

Poison Sacks are used for upgrading both the Copper Arrow and the Iron Arrow into poison-coated arrows. A single Poison Sack can coat 25 arrows.

Poison Sacks are also used as an ingredient to create the staff charges Acid Bite and Eternal Acid Bite. 2 Poison Sacks can create 20 charges of Acid Bite, while a whopping 20 Poison Sacks are needed craft the Eternal Acid Bite which does not deplete, so only one charge is needed to be crafted.

  • Acid Bite
  • Eternal Acid Bite
    • x20 Glass
    • x10 Charcoal
    • x30 Sulfur
    • x20 Ammonia Gland
    • x20 Poison Sack