Enshrouded: How to Get Ammonia Glands

A guide on where to find Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Ammonia Gland cover

Ammonia Glands are a crafting material in Enshrouded which is necessary in creating Leather, an advanced material that is used for a lot of late game gear and armor. It is also one of the crucial materials needed to further strengthen the Flame at the Flame Altar. Knowing how and where to get a steady supply of Ammonia Glands would be an important step in preparing for the late stages of the game. Read ahead as we share how and where to obtain Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded.

Ammonia Gland Location

Ammonia Glands drop from a red mushroom creature that roam in the Umber Hollow which is at the very center of Embervale, east of the Pillars of Creation. The closest fast travel point is the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire, then glide down south from the spire to reach the Umber Hollow. In order to get into the Hollow’s shroud safely, you will need to have upgraded the Flame in the Flame Altar to Level 4.

Obtaining Ammonia Gland

Obtaining Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded

The red mushroom creature that drop the Ammonia Gland often spawn within the Hollow solo or by pairs. These creatures are hostile and will chase you down once they detect you.

Pay attention to the red sacs that surround the body of the creature as you can shoot these down to drop extra Ammonia Glands; there are usually three sacs around the stalk. Shooting the sac up front is easy, while shooting the other two that are behind will take a bit of dodging and slipping past the enemy. Shooting out a spell that has some AoE damage could easily destroy all sacs with one shot.

Killing the mushroom creature will allow you to loot Ammonia Glands from its corpse, along with some Shroud Sacks. But beware, they release a poisonous gas upon death that lingers for a few seconds. Wait until the gas dissipates before looting its corpse. Make sure to check the nearby areas as well for any Ammonia Glands that you may have shot down from the creature’s sacs.

Ammonia Gland Uses

Ammonia Glands are used for a couple of things:

  • Paper
    • x1 Wood Logs
    • x1 Ammonia Gland
  • Acid Bite
  • Eternal Ice Bolt
    • x30 Fossilized Bone Dust
    • x10 Water
    • x20 Ammonia Gland
  • Eternal Acid Bite
    • x20 Glass
    • x10 Charcoal
    • x30 Sulfur
    • x20 Ammonia Gland
    • x20 Poison Sack

More importantly, Ammonia Glands are needed to create Leather through the Tanning Station. Creating 10 Leather will require 2 Ammonia Glands, 10 Dried Fur, and 20 Salt. A good 60-70 pieces of Ammonia Glands will allow you craft all the late game gear that you will need.

Another important use of the Ammonia Gland is being one of the materials needed to strengthen the Flame from Level 4 to Level 5, in which 20 Ammonia Glands are needed.