Enshrouded: How to Get Shroud Wood

A guide on how to obtain Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Shroud Wood cover

Shroud Wood is a crafting material in Enshrouded which can only be obtained by chopping down wood from shrouded areas. Read ahead as we talk more about Shroud Wood and its uses in Enshrouded.

Shroud Wood Location

Shrouded Locations (mapgenie.io)

Shroud Wood can be obtained from trees in almost any outdoor location that is covered in shroud. Such trees can be chopped down by any axe to harvest the Shroud Wood.

Enshrouded Shroud Wood Location

Given that Shroud Wood trees only grow in shrouded areas, they cannot be processed into saplings nor be planted on a farm plot within an established base. However, much like any other resource that are not within a base’s boundary, Shroud Wood trees will respawn after logging back into the world.

Shroud Wood Uses

Enshrouded Shroud Wood trees

Shroud Wood has a number of uses, most notably as a material used to upgrade the Flame to level 3 (requires x10 Shroud Wood).

ItemTypeMaterials needed
Scrappy AxeToolx3 String
x4 Metal Scraps
x1 Shroud Wood
Copper AxeToolx3 String
x4 Copper Bar
x1 Shroud Wood
Bronze AxeToolx3 Linen
x4 Bronze Bars
x1 Shroud Wood
Iron AxeToolx3 Linen
x4 Iron Bars
x1 Shroud Wood
Scrappy PickaxeToolx8 Metal Scraps
x1 Shroud Wood
Copper PickaxeToolx8 Copper Bar
x1 Shroud Wood
Bronze PickaxeToolx8 Bronze Bars
x1 Shroud Wood
Iron PickaxeToolx8 Iron Bars
x1 Shroud Wood
Spiritual CaneStaffx3 Shroud Wood
x4 Bonemeal
x2 Resin
GliderGliderx8 Shroud Wood
x2 Animal Fur
x2 String
x2 Shroud Spores
Advanced GliderGliderx6 Shroud Wood
x4 Linen
x4 String
x8 Shroud Sack
Extraordinary GliderGliderx4 Sdhroud Wood
x2 Leather
x2 Linen
x4 Alchemical Base
Ghost GliderGliderx3 Shroud Wood
x2 Fabric
x4 Enshrouded Oil
x1 Sulfur
x1 String
Shroud Wood BlockBlockx10 Shroud Wood