Enshrouded Lapislazuli Location, How to Get, and Uses

A guide on how to find Lapislazuli in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Lapislazuli Location, How to Get, and Uses

Enshrouded can be a bit demanding on resources, especially when it comes to crafting high-end armor sets. One of the key materials you will need is Lapislazuli, and there are certain prerequisites before you can even get your hands on it. Read ahead as we go over the steps to get Lapislazuli, share the location where you can find it, and what it’s used for in Palworld.

Where to Get Lapislazuli in Enshrouded

You can get Lapislazuli in Enshrouded by using a pickaxe to mine it from blue ores that are attached to walls, which can mainly be found in the Kindlewastes biome, to the north of Brittlebush, and southeast of Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire.

Obtaining Lapislazuli in Enshrouded

While any pickaxe will do the job, an Iron Pickaxe is your best bet while trying to mine lapislazuli. Additionally, the environment can be deadly and prone to hostiles, so you’ll want to equip yourself with your current best armor and weapon. Just keep an eye out on the cliffsides, and you’ll eventually spot these blueish ores in no time.

What is Lapislazuli Used for in Enshrouded?

Lapislazuli is a key material that is mainly used for crafting advanced armor sets, such as:

  • Archmage Armor Set
  • Deerstalker Armor Set
  • Sage Armor Set
  • Soldier Armor Set
  • Warden Armor Set
  • Warlock Armor Set

Additionally, in order to unlock more regions of the map, you’ll need to gather 40x lapislazuli to level up your Flame to 6.